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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 87: Through the Jundland Wastes Free Play

Updated on September 30, 2008

Getting the Power Brick is very convulted. What you have to do is find the area where there is some shiny metal. Get into a Bounty Hunter mode and toss a Thermal detonator across. Hover over to the next area. There will be lots of studs here. What you need to do now is build up a tower using the force, and then turn into a high jumper to go to a nearby rock. Hover over to where a cart is, and push it over the edge. The cart will wheel itself down until it hits a boarded up mine shaft, revealing the Power Brick.

Go ahead and use the force to raise up some rocks. You can go into the Tusken village and carve up a lot of things for coins. You will need to go left and hover across a cliff to get to the Fifth Canister.

You will have to backtrack. For example, you will find one spot where a grapple pad can be built. Build it up, and then use it to go up. With a jumping character, jump to the small character door. Use it to get to the Sixth Canister there.

Once you cross over into the area, you will find a door that can only be opened with the dark side of the force. Use it and you will come to this area where you can build up a skeleton, and a bomb. That bomb will go off so you can build another bomb, but will make a hole for you to be in prime position to get the Seventh Canister.

As soon as you get to the top of the Sandcrawler, there are nine silver things that must be exploded with a thermal detonator. After all are gone, there will be two buttons there. This is a dual pressure pad, and you can use it to open up a smaller character door, which will eventually lead to an area where a smaller character can grab the Eighth Canister.

After the elevator in the sandcrawler, you will find a panel on the wall that only the Sith force can budge. Rip it from the wall, and a small character door will be revealed. Go ahead and get in there, and then your character should open the door for the other character to come through. Go on the dual pressure pad, and you’ll find an area with lava. The sith force can remove something on the top that will block the lava. A character can then hover over and get the Ninth Canister.

Right as you get out of the sandcralwer, you may have noticed what looks like a scissorlift. This one needs the force to be used, and so you can use it to drop down a cliff and get up to the proper place. You may notice that the button is pretty big, so get on a Bantha, ride it there, and leave it there. Put yourself on the other button, and it will open right away. Go and claim the Tenth Canister.


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    • profile image

      anony 6 years ago

      i know thats wat mine does too

    • profile image

      But where 7 years ago

      But where is the spot with the shiny metalic bricks? I realize what you're trying to say but my power brick detector shows it on top of a ledge. Really, where are the shiny bricks? Be specific please.