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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 88: Mos Eisley Spaceport Free Play

Updated on September 30, 2008

If you go completely to your right, you will find that there is a stormtrooper door that can be used, and there will be a pool within. Go ahead and go to the left, and you can activate some spigots which will drain the pool. The Third Canister will be revealed.

You may notice that as you are destroying everything for studs, a certain garbage can in the corner will somehow become a carrot. This is one of three that you need to find in this area with the stormtrooper door. The other one is down the road to the left, and another to the right. Once all carrots are found, the Fourth Canister to float above the broken bridge by the double score zone at the beginning. All you need to do now is go across the broken bridge with a hover character, then open the door as a bounty hunter. Some parts will fall out, and you can build a fan that will fly you up to get the Fourth Canister.

As you continue forward, you will come to some steps. Go ahead and go up this flight of stairs, and then turn to the right via rooftops. Eventually, you will come to a trapdoor that a Sith Force person can use. When you use it, you can drop down and get the Fifth Canister.

When you get to the area with the AT-ST, you will find a shiny metal thing that you can destroy with a Thermal Detonator. Take it out, and you can build a rotating thing. Rotate this thing, and that will reveal a grapple spot. Use this grapple spot to get up to a platform where the Sixth Canister can be found.

In the cantina, there is a short door in back that can be used for small characters to enter in. Feel free to grab the Seventh Canister and pull both levers to remove the shield.

As you leave the cantina, you may have remembered blasting a garbage can that held a turnip. Go up and into the next level, and you will come to a bounty hunter door. In this area is a place with lots of things to blast, and you will have the second turnip.

You may notice in this area something to use the force on, and with some dual application, both doors will open. You will soon have the Eighth Canister.

You might notice that in this area, you can take down a lot of things that area in your way and areas that seemed unconnected are connected now. For example, you will be able to go into the area right before the Falcon if you remove the windows on the left with the Force.

Speaking of that area, go ahead and jump down there. You will find the third turnip in a garbarge can out here, and the canister will appear in the area outside of it. You may remember this as the place where you first encountered the tiles and the thing that had to be slid off in order to crash through. You will have the Ninth Canister.

The last canister is as easy to get as waiting in line. In fact, that is all you need to do. You may have noticed an area in the corner that is showing Lego Star Wars. Go ahead and enter in as Artoo. Destory the four things in front, and a shameless promo of Lego Star Wars will play. Shoot or lightsaber the screen, and then go behind it for the Tenth Canister. You will actually get an incredible bonus, as this is a double score zone.


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    • profile image

      Me 6 years ago

      This helps alot thanks!

    • profile image

      jose 7 years ago

      i actually got 11 canisters in this level.