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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 93: Dagobah Free Play

Updated on September 30, 2008

The first thing to do in this area is go and stack three boxes using the force, and then jumping onto large bushy branch of a tree. You should be a high jumper when you jump to the branch to the right and you will get the Third Canister.

On the way to Yoda’s place, you will notice an area that you must use the dark side of the force on. When you do, the gate will explode, and you will find that you must cross over by hovering to this one track. If you destroy a crate, you can use the parts left behind to build a tractor. Go fast over these red areas to make them green, and the Power Brick will appear to you.

If you go to Yoda’s place, there will be a crate that you can move using the Sith Force. Go ahead and move it, and you will have a raft. Get on the raft, and you will go to the other side of the swamp, where you will find a lot of studs, and a cave blocked by silver rubble. Go ahead and destroy the rubble with a thermal detonator, and the Fourth Canister is yours.

If you go into Yoda’s place (which can only be done as a short character) use the Sith Force on the big screen TV. You will have the Fifth Canister.

Go ahead and make a ramp from Yoda’s place to the next area, and if you continue to the left, you will eventually reach a grapple point that you passed before, but weren’t able to use. Now you can use it to get the Sixth Canister.

As you go through that one door, you will find an area that will require the dark side of the force. Use it, and build half of a bridge. Walk to the end of this bridge, and use the dark side to build the other half. There will be some shiny rubble here that you can blow up with a thermal detonator, and you can build a grapple point that any shooter character can use to get the Seventh Canister.

You might want to keep going, and you will find a grapple point that you weren’t able to use before. Go on and let it take you up, where you can encounter a shiny pile of rubble that a thermal detonator can blow up, and get you some studs. A small character door will also help in obtaining studs as well.

You will come to a point where there is a cage, and I used the Artoo panel to open the door, then had a character shoot down the cage. I then jumped down and collected the Eighth Canister.

Before you go and meet Vader, you will be in this one area that has some shiny clutter on the right. Go ahead and thermal detonate it, and you will see a weird area that will allow you to walk on some Legos, but they will soon collapse. You might want to hover around this one, and get the Ninth Canister.

As for the Tenth, it is the final area, beyond the bridge. All you need to do is use the small character door and hover over to the lever on the left. Pull the lever, and the Canister will be revealed over you. Jump down and assemble a grapple pad, and you should be able to have a character easily get the Tenth Canister.

Save and Exit.


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      Someone 411 6 years ago

      Wow thx. Tht waz really helpful. Really, it was! Thanks whoever did this.