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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 94: Cloud City Trap Free Play

Updated on October 29, 2008

Go ahead and hover over to the area to the north of the first area. This is the area that Artoo has to use an Artoo panel to raise up a bridge. You should be able to use a Thermal detonator to get rid of the silver bricks covering this area. Go ahead and snatch the Power Brick from here.

As you go on in this level, there is a door with a bounty hunter panel on it. Just turn into a bounty hunter and use it, then get the Fifth Canister within.

This next one has to be one of the most ridiculous that I have ever seen. This takes place after the fight with Vader in the carbon freezing chamber. What you need to do is use the dark side of the force on a lever, and then use the crane to get a Stormtrooper and throw him in the pit. Pieces will come out, and the pit will close up. Assemble those pieces to make the Sixth Canister. Who designed this one? I mean, this isn’t even common sense. I can understand hiding it in some corner somewhere, but I am assuming that dumb hoops like this to get video game rewards is the primary reason for you to be consulting video game strategy guides like this one.

After you leave the carbon-freezing area, go to the place where there will be something folded up against the wall. Shoot it, and a plank will fold down. Go ahead and jump up on them, and you should be able to retrieve the Seventh Canister.

Once you face Darth Vader again, you will find the small door. Take that door, and you will get to the tiny door that will lead you into a cage where you can grab the Eighth Canister.

This next Canister I thought was going to drive me crazy. It is in the one section where you face Vader over a gulf, and the canister is right there, but blocked by a trap door made of Technic Lego pieces. Don’t even think of trying to do it in with a lightsaber down-stab. What you need to do is hit the cover of it with a Thermal detonator, but this can be tricky, as the thermal detonator does not stick to it like shiny metal objects. I found that I had to go all the way to the left of this room, and keep throwing those things until I hit it. Eventually, you will be rewarded with the Ninth Canister.

As for the last one, it is just before you are about to defeat Vader. All you need to do is take the stormtrooper door, and the Tenth Canister will be waiting for you.


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