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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 96: Jabba's Palace Free Play

Updated on September 30, 2008

There is some black rubble here that can be manipulated using the Sith Force. The object will explode, becoming a grapple spot. Go ahead and use that spot to get up higher, and then another to get higher still. If you jump off the edge, you will see the Fourth Canister. Go ahead and get it, and then build what will be the next grapple spot to get back over to the other side.

Also in this area is another interesting thing. On the left side of the entrance is a pile of shiny rubble. Blow it up with a thermal detonator, and use the grapple spot to get to the top. Become a hovering character and claim the Fifth Canister.

As you enter into Jabba’s Palace, go ahead and take the doorway to the right. You can assemble a Threepio panel and open it up to get the Sixth Canister. I am also told that you can get this by hoping on one of those spider walkers, but I couldn’t figure it out.

The prison area has some interesting things. On the cell to the left, closest to the exit door, there is a small character door. Go into it, then change into something that can destroy the bed. There is another small character door, so take that and you will find yourself in a separate cell. Destroy the bed there, and the door will open. Don’t leave the cell just yet. Instead, take the tunnel that leads all the way to the other cell. You may notice some shiny garbage here, so take care of it with a thermal detonator. Go ahead and get the Seventh Canister.

There is a room with a cover on the floor, and several places to use the Sith Force. After you use the dark side on those areas, go ahead and down-stab it, and you should get the Eighth Canister. I found that I wasn’t able to do this outside Free Play, though I wanted to.

You will soon get to the room with the ramp, but you probably don’t need to put it into place. Go ahead and get a high jumper character up there to where you need to go and use the Sith power on the two torches there. You can then use it on the grating, and the Ninth Canister will be yours for the taking.

The last canister that can be obtained is in the Rancor room. What you have to do is build up the grapple spot, and then use it to get up to a high level. Double jump and get the Tenth Canister.


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    • profile image

      Ahmet 3 years ago

      Jan03 Joel HenriquesThanks everybody! Yes, this took litlraely 5 minutes to make. It's very simple. I love the effect that the natural trees (sticks) have on the toy Lego figures, and the figures also add a nice scale to the woods. It sure is a cheap Lego expansion kit!daisy Yes, I was thinking the same thing. It will be fun to gather branches throughout the different seasons. I actually used a beautiful flowering twig for one of the potted trees in my dollhouse for new photos that will be in my book. It would definitely look great for this forest as well.Reply