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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 97: The Great Pit of Carkoon Free Play

Updated on September 30, 2008

All right, make your way as usual. You will notice that canister by the diving board on the second skiff that you were not able to get to previously. Go ahead and turn into something that can hover and go get the Fourth Canister.

When you get to the last skiff, you will find an area that only the Sith force can budge. Use the dark side, and you will have a floating platform to the other side.

You will soon find yourself in a double score zone, and there is a grapple pad here. Take it up to the next level, and then you can pull a lever. You can also pull another one, and there is something freed there. Go ahead and shoot the spot on the wall, and you will be able to assemble the Fifth Canister.

On this next side, you will find a grappler area. Use it and pull a lever. A section will extend itself. There is another lever that you can pull here. You might want this to get back to the other side.

What you want to do is keep using the force, and some of these hatches will explode. You are most interested in the Threepio and Artoo panels. These will cause some walls to retract above you. Take the grapple and go all the way to the right. Use a thermal detonator on the last barrier, and grab the Sixth Canister.

Keep going all the way around, and you will find a grapple point. Use it well, and you will go up one more level. You can then use the Sith Force on one lever, and the other character will join you for the other. You should be able to get the Seventh Canister.

When you enter into the Sail Barge, you will find a place that is shielded. You weren’t able to get there last time, but you can now. Just turn into a small character and go back to the levers. You will have to defend against some bad guys, but once the levers are pulled, you have the Eighth Canister.

When you go up the Threepio elevator, you could probably remove the metal cover on the door to go into a room full of some stuff for studs.

Now you are at the top of the Barge, there is a crate on the left right at the beginning that only a Jedi can move. It will explode, and will have a grapple point in it. Go ahead and use it, and you will be atop a mast. There is another grapple point to the right, so hover over to it. Use that grapple point to get higher, and then double jump to gain the Ninth Canister.

Go ahead and go up one more deck, and then destroy a crate to make another grapple spot. Get up to the next level, and the hover over to the left. Stop at the nearest platform, then hover over to get the Power Brick.

You will find a smaller character door, and if you use it, you will get to the Tenth Canister.


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