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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 99: The Battle of Endor Free Play

Updated on September 30, 2008

Go to the left, and after you fix the bridge, hop on the elevtoar on the right. Pull the lever, and you will then need to pull another lever. This lever is high above you, so you will need to jump up on the platform on the left side of this tree, then use the force on a stone hanging in the air. The elevator will come down, so hop on it quickly. When it goes back to the top, pull the lever and a cage door below will rise, giving you access to the Fourth Canister.

You will then get to the area where dropping the cage will get a grapple platform. Use it and pull the lever. You can use the force to drop a ledge down below, so go right on the ledge and jump on one a little higher than it. Use the force on the ledge again, and it will go higher. Jump on the ledge, and go left to get the Fifth Canister.

After you go through the gates, go ahead and go through the short vent at the base of a tree. You will then need to go and hover to the next tree, where you will find the Sixth Canister.

This next one I found to be just plain hard. You need to go over to some trees, then blow up something to make a spinner pad. This lowers a platform, and allows you to go up. You then need to use the force on a rock, which will cause the platform to go up again Jump to another platform, and use the force to make a rock pull up another elevator. Jump to the top of that elevator, and you can hover to the left over to where the Seventh Canister is.

As for the next canister, it is also located outside the bunker. All you need to do is go right and destroy some metal containers with a Thermal Detonator. You will then need to build a platform that I recommend standing on. The force is used on a boulder to raise a platform, which a small character can use to enter in and go up to another level. At this point, the force needs to be used to move a platform, and then a character can jump up to another area. The force needs to be used again, and the player can get the Eighth Canister.

The rest of the rewards are located inside the bunker. For example, if you go to the right in that one room, you can blast all panels on the back wall. Use the force on all these panels, the Ninth Canister will be revealed.

The last Canister is pretty simple to get. It is in that one shielded area that has a small character door. This time when you go in, turn into a hovering character to get the Tenth Canister.

The last reward is on the left side of the main room in the bunker. You will first need to use the dark side of the force on a panel, then a stormtrooper door. After busting down some blockage on the right side of the room, you can push a box in the hole. You can then go up on the catwalk by going up and hovering all the way there to open a Threepio panel. You can then crawl through the door as a smaller character, and push a certain block to the back of the room. The Power Brick will be revealed.


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