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Liveboard Does Baseball Scores in Real-time Off the Internet

Updated on June 28, 2007

Baseball. Is there not a greater national pastime? Even the baseball strikes back in the nineties and the internet have not removed our love of this game. In fact, the internet has helped us gain scores and real-time coverage with just a few mouse clicks.

Now there is a device that can really give you real-time coverage, in an old-fashioned kind of way. The Liveboard from Vroop is essentially an old-school baseball scoreboard with an internet interface. A Bluetooth connection between the Liveboard and your computer lets you see not only the score, but the teams, the innings, batter’s counts, outs, even who is on base. It’s just enough to make you feel like you are the game in the stands. The only thing it can’t do is tell you who’s on first.

All you need to do is boot up your computer and load up the Liveboard manager application. After approximately one minute of download time, the LED lights on the computer will sync up with the broadcasted baseball game in three modes:

  • Simple Mode lets you select your personal favorite home team, so it will always display your team’s current game as it is playing.

  • Full Mode uses its detection technology to examine a current game from your team’s division when your favorite team is not currently playing.

  • Cycle Mode is like what you see on bottom bar of ESPN. This allows the Liveboard to display all current MLB games, each one showing for a minute so you can see what is going on.

I predict that this would be a great addition to an office workplace. Mount it on the wall, and workers can see exactly what is going on with their favorite teams, with minimal distraction. It also can be used for offices where workers want a lot of distractions. Say, for example, a weekend where they are “playing catchup” and they are listening to the game on the radio. This Liveboard can be an excellent companion so you don’t have to wait for the announcer to give you a constant update all the time.

The Liveboard is available for about three hundred dollars, and includes the Liveboard console, an AC adapter, and a USB Bluetooth adaptor. Something tells me the Liveboard will be a must for Sports Bars and Sports nuts. Too bad it doesn’t work for Little League or Pee Wee Leagues.


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