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Living the 5-Star Life

Updated on October 9, 2008

Living the 5-Star Life

The Greenhouse Spa-A Haven in a Hectic World

Have you ever dreamed of being pampered like a princess? Have you ever imagined what it must be like to be treated like a celebrity?

Well, at The Greenhouse Spa , everyone is pampered to perfection and treated like a star! Since 1965, this women only destination spa in Arlington, Texas, right outside of Dallas, has been a beauty haven for some of the most renowned First Ladies to international royalty and supermodels.

The surroundings evoke an era that seems to be slowly slipping away, of pure Southern hospitality. Ever since I was a little girl, I remember this spa as being the ultimate place for grown up ladies to be luxuriously indulged. I was finally a grownup, and could really appreciate this kind of experience, especially going it alone.

Here's a detailed list of my favorite treatments:

Linfogei- A standard European staple that uses electronic impulses to increase lymphatic flow and stimulate the muscles around the lymph vessels. It also eliminates toxins and improves circulation and immune defenses.

Ionithermie Anti-Cellulite Treatment- Another brainchild from Europe, this uses galvanic electrodes and clay, (rich in algae, ivy and amino acids). It was applied to my thighs and stomach to emulsify and tone muscles. The result, especially with at least 3 treatments is a loss of inches and that yucky dimpling effect. After all, at a certain age, it is OK to have dimples on your face, but never (gasp) on your thighs!

Anti-Free Radical Lifting Treatment- The works for your face, with an amazing mélange of products, both natural, organically based as well as a brilliant massage for lymphatic drainage and blood circulation which definitely increased elasticity, including nourishing crèmes that moisturize and lifted my cheeks!

Comfort, Pleasure, Strength, Rebirth- The best selection of exercise offerings are Pilates Reformer and mat as well as easy, fun water tai chi classes and a few strenuous pool classes. The standard yoga , stretch, gym and cross training/private training classes. After one week of total indulgence and peace, I am not sure I will ever be able to spend another week, because I may never want to leave!

If you're young and lively, love loud disco, drinking and dancing ‘til dawn , you may wish to go someplace a tad more wild. However, if you are seeking a relaxing cocoon to connect with your daughters, or an intimate family/close friend setting, this is your place. If you are traveling solo, this is a great place to chill out and experience exceptional pampering.

Even better are the special weeks, like Baby and Me Packages, catering to moms of newborns to one-year-olds. This is truly a safe harbor to deal with child development issues, mommy and me water classes, and a place to rest, restore and indulge in delightful coddling for both of you. You and your baby will be spoiled with personalized attention that is the benchmark of this well-preserved spa for all seasons.

See for yourself at:

Or call 817.640.4000

Story by Marjorie Hope Rothstein.


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