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Logitech Z Cinema Advanced Surround Sound System for the PC

Updated on February 25, 2008

Most stereo owners do not have speakers as good as the Logitech Z Cinema Advanced Surround Sound System. Yet the Z Cinema is actually designed for the Personal Computer, and with this sound system, the Z Cinema can kick a lot of but on other stereo systems.

The Z Cinema is a SRS TruSurround HD that utilizes two satellite speakers and a subwoofer. The two satellites are about a foot tall each, and are capable of very clear sounds. The sub-woofer is an 8-inch long-throw with flared bass port, and it is so large that you will probably need to keep it under your desk. All of these combine for a “tri-amplification design and digital crossover EQ for great accuracy and a more natural, balanced response”. The total power produced by this efficient system is about 180 watts RMS.

I had to admit that it produced some of the coolest sound that I had ever been exposed to, especially for a PC speaker. I tested it out on some action movie like Transformers, and I felt like it was almost like being in the middle of the action. In some cases, a little bit better than being in the middle, but the beginning and ending were involved to. The bass and surround sound of the subwoofer just took me away.

This subwoofer is sort of the hub of the device. The USB attaches straight into the computer, and the two speakers attach in using some very diverse ports. The subwoofer then plugs into the wall, and be warned that hooking it all up may result in some very odd tangling of cords behind your computer and desk.

Oddly enough, the Z Cinema came with a remote control. I say oddly enough, because I didn’t really think that a remote was needed, but I was glad it was there. Most PC stereo speakers tend to have the volume control on speakers themselves, so turning it up means bending or leaning over for control. However, the Z Cinema remote has a volume control function that is not only convenient, but controls the bass, treble, and many other functions as well.

In addition to remote, another feature is the multiple input and output functions. There is a headphone jack for phones, and another input jack for connection an MP3 player, or even other audio sources.

You can purchase the Z Cinema Advanced Surround Sound System at the Logitech site for about $299.99.


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