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Logitech Alto Connect and Alto Express Notebook Stands

Updated on November 26, 2007

I think we all know that our laptops are killing us. It has nothing to do with any kind of radiation that they are emitting, or the fact that some sites just shouldn’t be viewed by anyone, but laptops are killing our posture. If you look at a laptop user, chances are that he or she has his or her neck bent forward in such a way that will remove any chance of perfect posture. That, or he or she may want to slouch, which could seriously affect their back.

It is fortunate that our desktops are designed for our future ergonomic use. You will note that the screens are usually at the level of our eye, and slouching doesn’t cut it as far as typing is concerned. Logitech has taken the necessary truth of laptop safety and ran with it. They have created a series of laptop stands designed to increase laptop ergonomics.

The first is the Alto Connect Notebook Stand + 4-Port USB Hub that is designed so that your laptop screen is always at eye level and the keyboard is where it needs to be.

The Alto Connect Notebook Stand works with two parts that form an X shape. The notebook’s keyboard rests there, while the screen can be adjusted to a higher, straighter angle. All one needs to do is plug in the stand, plug the USB into their laptop, then attach keyboard via USB, and a user now has an ergonomically correct laptop working area.

Not only does the stand increase ergonomics and efficiency, but the stand itself has four USB ports. Considering that the amount of computer-related peripherals are, for the most part, USB-based, this will most certainly come in handy. It also helps to declutter all the cables that come with all the laptop using.

Some may prefer a Notebook stand that helps with the ergonomics, but do not need the AC power of the Alto Connect Notebook Stand. In that case, some users may prefer the Alto Express Notebook Stand. This particular laptop stand is a specially shaped plexiglass on which the laptop rests. All that the user needs now is a USB or similarly attachable keyboard, and the user is ready to work safely. Like the Alto Connect Notebook Stand, the Alto Express reduces cable clutter.

The Logitech Alto Connect Notebook Stand with 4-Port USB Hub and Alto Express Notebook Stand are available for the prices of $79.99 and $29.99 respectfully.


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    • profile image

      Mike S 8 years ago

      I really like the Laptop Flip as a stand for my Macbook Pro. It raises my laptop for better ventilation and allows me to store my Macbook in the vertical position when not in use. This save quite a bit of space on my cluttered desktop.