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Love and the Aquarius

Updated on June 13, 2008

Love and the Aquarius

Air signs, most times, value communication and higher learning above all else. At times, this could also well mean love and romance. An Aquarius is most at risk of all other zodiac signs in the misunderstanding of love. To put it mildly, you'll never see their hearts worn on their sleeves, and if you're smart you'd never let one of them catch it on yours. Quite simply, wild emotion can be quite a frightening experience for them. The whole "love" thing scares them beyond words. They would more appreciate you taking the time to unleash your tears behind closed doors. And then when you're finished, and completely drained, they will be ready to discuss your needs rationally. A calm and sober demeanor always works best when dealing with an Aquarius and matters of the heart.

It sound a bit cold, doesn't it? Not at all. It's just that an Aquarius feels unnecessary drama is pointless. Even, when you may feel your world is falling apart and your whole being seems about to crumble. An extreme take, perhaps, but let's look at this logically. An Aquarius values strength and pride. They spend hours pondering the ways of the universe. Their intelligence is always rising. A true Aquarius would much rather find a workable solution that will make both parties happy, then waste valuable time on foolish emotionality. All else seems insane. "There's wars going on", "the environment is being destroyed", "natural disasters seem to be at an all time rise", and your upset because the toilet seat has been left up? This is their train of thought. If you don't get a handle on your emotions when in love with an Aquarius, he or she will put things in perspective for you. Not in a mean way, just honestly blunt. Handle their logic and you'll be amazed at how much more enlightened you'll begin to feel.

With an Aquarius lover, romantic words may go amiss. A true Aquarius has a bit of trouble whispering sweet nothings in your ear. Too many "I love you's" and "you're so beautiful" sound insincere to their finely tuned senses. They believe in truth at all times. Even those times that would deem to many, inappropriate. If you're the type that can live without hand-written poems and seductive phone conversation, then you assuredly can move on to the next phase of courtship.

An Aquarius is truly preoccupied with what's best for the world we live in. What can be done and how can things be done better to help the "little guy". They are the gallant and sophisticated spirits that hold great pride in caring for the underprivileged and less fortunate. It's quite a noble cause, don't you think? Some would even dare say, very romantic indeed.

In your ever optimistic Aquarius, you will find no greater friendship. And, haven't you heard the longest-lasting and most successful relationships start out this way in the beginning? When others foolishly gravitate toward passion and empty promises, you will have your rock-solid Aquarius by your side. Male or female Aquarians will always be there when you need them. They will console like no other and loyalty will always be a given.

As long as you understand, it's the bigger picture they find to be more relevant. Be one to join them in their quest for a better earth and this might lead to the love affair of a lifetime.


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      trimecks 9 years ago from Portugal

      Great hub!