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Love and the Aries

Updated on June 10, 2008

Love and the Aries

Aries and love go hand in hand like a horse and carriage. When an Aries is in love, it's felt from the hollows of their souls. Never done half-way and certainly never done in private. An aries lover can be quite gallant, male or female. Their love of the theatrics will prove to be quite entertaining, especially if you are on the receiving end of all the drama.

To an Aries, the chase is just as important as the catch. The challenge of romancing a new lover is beyond exciting. Their hearts beat proudly and thunderous at the mere fantasy of you and them in the throws of passion. Yet, when the show is over, and the prize has been won, the award is put fondly away. Perhaps, to look back on every now and again, a sentimental favorite memory. If only, to remind them, how utterly enthralling romance can actually be.

With this in mind, keep a close watch on your Aries paramour. Knowing that keeping them on their toes at all times, as to weather or not you have actually been won, might be your ultimate secret weapon. The game must always be in play, for them to want to keep the fires burning. Beautifully written romantic letters are to be expected. Extravagant meals will become the ordinary. Life might seem to fall into a perfectly planned dream. Ultimately, just don't get too comfortable. The moment Aries begins to feel uninspired and things become too easy, they'll begin a search for a new conquest. It's in their blood. As long as you are aware of this "always uncontrollable wanting", you will be prepared. Even when married, the Aries have a tendency to always think the grass may be greener. Quite unfortunate, at least it may seem. At least you can never say boredom has a chance to seep into your daily reality.

It might seem fair to think that with an Aries, there will always be shadows of doubt. Maybe. A better road to understanding will lead you to compromise and keeping things in an unrelenting motion. The idea here is to always keep them wondering. Grab hold of your independence. Acknowledge your spirit daily. Those, who are too likely to please, will fall by the wayside. The stronger relationships meant to sustain, will keep a close watch on their roving eyes. One that will be of unwaivering equality, in other words, never let those slick Aries see you sweat.

Have you been turned off yet? The notion that a lasting relationship with an Aries man or woman seems like a lot of intense and substantial mental work, is not to be denied. However, lighting a few candles, challenging their spirit or making sure to keep them on their toes, doesn't have to be so time-consuming. It just takes well thought-out effort. Perhaps, even a regularly scheduled visualization practice.

All in all, the prize to be had, is one that will undoubtedly be an adventure of a lifetime. One love affair that will never be forgotten. The enthusiasm and roller-coaster ride alone is worth any minor struggle you might temporarily have to endure. Cast all doubt aside and let the glorious spontaneity begin.


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      Sohily99 9 years ago

      I am an Aries who has observed majority of the signs and compared notes on Astrology. I disagree with almost everything that is written especially "Even when married, the Aries have a tendency to always think the grass may be greener". An Aries is very honest almost too honest for those who can't handle criticism (one of the child like characteristics). They expect the same from their partners and it is only when they feel dominated, disrespected, unappreciated for their many talents and skills they may start to stray but only after ending the bad relationship because they are so honest. Usually they work hard to hold onto their marriage. When they are committed they are very loyal.

      Most Aries may like the thrill of being chased but we are not the most patient of all signs nor do we enjoy head games because most Aries really do not have problems attracting the opposite sex due to our quick wit, great sense of humour, charm etc. Most Aries especially woman are OK with just the thought of love without actually having a real man in their life until they find the 'right one' because Aries woman do have high expectations and when they are not met they will not settle for anything less but if you're the right guy then you will get double in return as an Aries has some masculine traits (aggressive, independent etc) but she can balance her feminine traits as well of being warm, generous, passionate etc. Once an Aries has decided you are the one, then they will go against the world if needed to defend and honor you.

      Also to add most Aries are confident and are