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Love and the Cancer Crab

Updated on July 25, 2008

Love and the Cancer Crab

To love a Cancer is to know how vitally important it is to provide security and an ultimate safe haven. It is perhaps as equally essential to provide loads of kisses and hugs. A strong shoulder to lean on also can prove a subtle necessity.

Finding yourself in a relationship with a Cancer will demonstrate to be daunting at first. You might feel as though you have to constantly shower with love and reassurance may seem like a daily requirement. The fact is, Cancer's are prone to take commitment very seriously. This may entail a bit of hoop-jumping on your part, but that's only because once they commit, they want it to last forever. Trust means everything to the Cancer soul.

The uniqueness of the Cancer lies in their mothering instincts as well as their propensity of wanting to be mothered. Cancer men, as well as Cancer women need this maternal quality to be dominant in any long-lasting love affair. Someone who, at all times, will be instinctively aware of their vulnerability. Often times, they can take on either side of this role. Cancers also are known to excel in their "mothering" abilities. No other sign will sympathize with perceived weakness like a Cancer. They are able to stay non-judgmental and revel in the opportunity to feel needed. Need to be consoled? Need to feel understood? Look no further than a Cancer spirit. This is where they easily shine.

Moodiness, though, has a way of entering the scene at a moment's notice. Sulking, whining and playing the martyr are all Cancerian pastimes. If you lean towards talent in the psychoanalytical department, then this will be a breeze. If not, be very wary, as these tendencies are more apt to become stronger and more difficult to translate as time goes on.

Most often, you will never doubt your Cancer's loyalty. Unless, of course, you've given reason to be suspected yourself. If you value your relationship with a Cancer, never give any inkling that you find anyone else more attractive. You will save yourself a lot of heartache if you keep those feelings to yourself. Ultimately, and lucky for you, Cancer's never want to entertain thoughts of divorce. This would be the most horrible of demises. So, as long as you stay true, there is very little worry of a Cancer every leaving you. In fact, they usually stay married until you make the decision that things are not working. Although, up until that decision, they may try and make life unbearable for you. It's their way of turning the guilt over to you. Not a great quality, but at least you have control.

Cancer's are creatures of habit. They have a particular routine, a special chair they like to sit in and most likely a box full of sentimental pictures and postcards. It all plays well into their "security" theory. The world out there can be quite maddening and insane, and Cancer's must have that sense of habit to maintain their delicate sanity. Be wise, and join them in that place of warmth. It can really be a happy and fulfilling place to be. Especially for those that need nurturing from time to time themselves.

To fall in love with a Cancer can be an invitation to a place where the heart grows fonder. They can be incredibly sweet, understanding and completely in tune with your every need. After carefully and intuitively taking each day as it comes, a romantic coupling with the elusive Cancer can prove a wonderful happiness does come to those willing to wait.



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