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Love and the Leo

Updated on June 10, 2008

Love and the Leo

One of the most important things in a Leo's life is love. A mystery wrapped up in magic, something played out on a world stage. Larger than life, exciting and beautifully dramatic. It's over-the-top or not at all. Love is the perfect expression for Leo's character. Be prepared if you're the one lucky enough to be romanced by either the male or female Leo. There will be no earthly limits.

Leo's take great pride in the art of romance. The gifts they bring will be extravagant and almost always pricey. They need you to know that cost will never be an object. They also happen to love the idea that others may gasp with astonishment. Leo's sincerely want to see their lover's eyes fill with gratitude. It's what they thrive on. Always be sure to go a little overboard on the "thank you" for keep in mind, they have taken extra time and thought in making sure their gift is a unique treasure you will cherish forever.

When Leo's find their desired soul mate, the chosen one will become the center of their universe. Although, at times, the center of the universe may become somewhat blurred. It can sometimes feel like you're in the middle of a classic black and white romantic movie? It could very well be. Leo's envision romance on a bigger scale than most. The idea of good old-fashioned love ignites their imagination. You might sometimes feel as though you're playing a part in an unbelievably romantic scene. Learn your lines convincingly and bliss will follow.

To say that a Leo, male or female, is prone to a self-centered persona, is an understatement. Leo's gravitate to those who see the imaginary royal grandeur they believe surround them. Tell your Leo they remind you of a king or queen, as the case may be, and watch their eyes dance like never before. Compliments are welcome, and often please. It feeds their soul and reassures their spirit. Quite a necessity that should never be overlooked or callously underestimated.

If there is one word to describe a Leo in love though, it would be Loyalty. Their eyes may wander, but you will be always the one they imagine in their arms. It's also one of the most important attributes they look for in their partner. Never allow another in his or her presence to steal the spotlight. The damage will be lasting. They must always feel that no other can compare. Feeling betrayed would bring an otherwise perfect relationship to a screeching halt. It would never be tolerated and impossible to forgive.

Leo's might seem to be a bit more difficult than most when it comes to the art of love. What with the treating them like royalty and the constant need for displaying undying devotion. Perhaps, for some. Those that can't seem to grasp the big picture will walk away too soon. Treat the Leo as if their the only one for you, and reap the greatest of rewards. For you see, in Leo, you will bask in the throws of a passionate lover. You will feel protected and safe at all times. You will be treated like his queen or her king unequivocally. Their vision of the great love are akin to those portrayed on the silver screen. "Casablanca", "Gone with the Wind", and "The Way We Were" just to name a few. This is the sort of relationship they strive for. The ho-hum of daily reality of marriage and partnership would go against their grain. It's gotta be grandiose or not at all.

In conclusion, loving a Leo has it's challenges. On the one hand, all the theatrics and hoop jumping might seem overwhelming at times. On the other hand, to be let into a magical land of royalty, glamor and intrigue might be just what your mortal heart hungers for. Either way, loving a Leo can remind you that anything is possible and love is meant to be ultimately grand.


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    • trish1048 profile image

      trish1048 9 years ago

      My late husband was a Leo. I was his whole life, as he was mine. I was lucky to have had 20 years with him, when I lost him to an accident when he was 36. A long time ago, and I will always miss him.


    • RFox profile image

      RFox 9 years ago

      My love is a Leo and I love his ways!