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Love never fails

Updated on October 16, 2006


Marriage that is based on one's belief that it is blessed by God will prevail as time goes by. A man and a woman united in matrimony becomes one. Sometimes responsiblities grow as the couple start to build a family and that is where some marital problems start. How will this responsibility be handled and who will do them ?This must be discuss by both parties but what happens most of the time is that only the woman will handle it. If this is the case the man should take other tasks to do if he cannot do what the woman is doing. Marriage is not a fifty-fifty share. The woman may have 60 percent and the man is 40 percent share in baby care but the man has 60percent share in financial earning and the woman is only 40 percent so they are now equal as to babycare and finances. If a married couple will see their marriage into this perspective added with love ,a long lasting relationship will be the result.


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