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MP4 Watch from Brando

Updated on November 1, 2007

It is not uncommon when an electronic gadget does many things, but the MP4 watch not only plays MP4s, as well as music and FM radio. Not only that, it is a voice recorder, photo album, and ebook reader. The MP4 watch II from Brando is probably the hardest working watch in the clock business, and thankfully, it still has room to tell the time in addition to all its other features.

First of all, I had better tell you that the watch is big. The screen is about 1.8 inches, which makes it the Cadillac of watch faces. However, I don’t see how you could put so much features into something so small. It kind of reminds me of this kid’s show I used to watch called Electro-woman and Dyna-Girl, where these female Batman and Robin superheroes wore these two-way video communicators on their wrists. In other words, the watch looks a little obtrusive. It helps to think of it as like an iPhone for your wrist.

Unfortunately, the MP4 watch isn’t compatible with iTunes, but it does come with software that helps get your files from your computer to the MP4 watch. For example, the photo viewer is design to resize and reformat your pics so they sync with the MP4 watch quite well.

As for video, there is an awesome converter for that. The quality is quite good from such a small screen. Not only is the picture quality outstanding, but the sound is also first rate as well. The included headphones are high quality design, and one each side there are tiny speakers that put out a lot more sound then one would think.

Not only are video files covered, audio is fair game as well. In fact, the MP4 Watch comes with a Voice Recorder that records and plays with sharp clarity. Also included in the MP4 watch is a text reader, FM tuner, and photo album.

The MP4 watch comes with two USB cords that charge it and a very small USB cord fits right on the watchband. It also comes with earphones, as well as a USB AC adapter.

As for the watch itself, it has about six buttons. The first is the Menu button, which brings up the six main modes. The other is the play pause that does almost everything in any mode. The other buttons are the forward and reverse, which do many functions, depending on the mode. The volume up and down remain constant no matter what.

This watch is available now at the Brando website for $92 for the 2GB version, and $118.00 for the 4GB.


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