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Maine Coon Kittens - Wonderful Personalities

Updated on December 11, 2008

Maine Coon Cats - We Fell in Love with This Breed.

Maine Coon cats are a very popular breed. But many folks have never heard of them. When my husband and I decided to adopt new kittens to our family (our other two cats had passed away from old age and we hadn't had kittens/cats for two years. We missed having them around...), we had some minor critera. We wanted females. Littermates preferably. And we wanted them to be fluffy and friendly. I know....we're so dang stringent on our standards!

And....I think most everyone will agree...ALL kittens are cute. They are just irresistable fuzzy muffins!

So I began my kitten search....

I started looking at photos online from local shelters and from another wonderful adoption organization in our area called Mary Paws to see what we could adopt. To be honest....there weren't hardly any kittens and what they did have was mainly male kittens or kittens that weren't littermates. I noticed that one kitten was part "Maine Coon Cat". I thought...."what is that??" I did some research and thought - how interesting.

They are not descendants of raccoons!! That is not how they got their name. There is a lot of mystery still to this day of how they came to be called Maine Coon cats or where exactly they came from. One thing is for sure.... They have raccoon like habits (I have discovered!) and they had to survive harsh winters in states like Maine - so they have thick coats and big fluffy tails. Sometimes the tails are "ringed" like a raccoon.

Some of the therories are that Maine Coon cats are direct descendants of Marie Antoinette's very own kitties! And that when she feared for her life during the French Revolution)....she had a ship loaded with all the things she loved, so that she could sail away and escape to America. Amongst the precious cargo - were her cats. Of course, we all know Marie never did make her voyage - but the ship did!

There are other experts that Maine Coon cats more than likely came from ships that the Vikings had! And their thick coats kept them warm as they warded off rodents on the ships.

Regardless of where they originated from - my family and I have fallen in love!

We've adopted two Maine Coon kittens recently. Two little girls that are sisters.

Our kittens

Meet VuVu (my great grandmother's nickname) and Veda (pronounced VEEE-duh)which is my husband's grandmother's name.
Meet VuVu (my great grandmother's nickname) and Veda (pronounced VEEE-duh)which is my husband's grandmother's name.

Cute Personalities and Habits of Our Maine Coon Kittens

One of the first things I noticed about our new family members is that they love water! Yes - cats that love water. Weird, but true. At least ours like it. I mean, they aren't jumping into tubs of water....but they are not afraid of it either.

For instance, I notice they like to put their paws in their water bowl all the time. And in the dogs big water bowl too. They like to drop dry food into the water and then scoop it up and eat it. I guess, kind of like a raccoon!

I also bought a spray bottle to use when they climbed on the teach them "no". I think they like this spray bottle. They keep coming back for more! I squirt them and then they go and take a bath like, "Thanks - that was refreshing....makes bathing so much easier."  

They've learned to turn the jacuzzi tub facuet on too! I found little paw prints all in the tub and the faucet dripping the other day. Not to mention that I'd just taken a shower  - so the shower floor was wet...and there they were, just laying down on the wet shower floor!

One of the other things I love- is that they like to be held. Almost like rag dolls. They've got these really long bodies, and they just want you to hold them and carry them around.

They also sorta chirp instead of meow - which is adorable.

They seem to be very smart too. I've moved their kittybox twice now to train them to finally go through the pet door and use it out in the garage. It started in the powder room, then moved it to the back door - and now it's out in the garage and within 3-4 weeks, they learned it. I don't advoccate moving kittyboxes around....this can confuse, upset and frustrate a cat - and maybe cause them to have accidents. This was just a situation where I didn't want them to be overwhelmed with a new house and environment AND learn to use a pet door all at once. So I decided to slowly transition to this. It worked out for us.

Our Maine Coon Kittens Have Made Themselves at Home

I know sometimes adopting a kitten is a spur of the moment thing. All the cats in my life up until these two were just that. Strays that showed up, strays I found....and they all made wonderful impressions in my life and made my life better.

Pets are such a gentle, sweet contribution to people's lives. But sometimes impulsive decisions can wind up making you and the pet miserable. Pets are work. You can't just bring one home and expect it to be all rainbows and butterflies. There is the expense too. They need to go to the vet. They need flea and tick prevention, food, toys or play things, exercise.

By doing a little research, finding what suited our family best - we have found the perfect fit.

These little ones have certainly, in a very short time found their way into our hearts. My 8-year-old daughter beams when she sees them. And she is learning they need care, discipline and love. Not a bad way to teach those things.

I love them to pieces as well. And late at night....say 2am when I am at my desk researching online for my work at home website, I love that they are plopped down on my desk sleeping. They are peaceful to watch and I am sure my stress level goes down several levels when I have these two little sweeties sound a sleep all snuggled up in front of me.

Funny what becomes medicine in your life. Maybe it's laughter, maybe a hug....a shoulder to lean on.....or maybe it's two little kittens fast asleep on your desk. Two little Maine Coon kittens at that!

Baby Maine Coon Kittens Alseep

I know.... All you can say is...."Awwwwwwww"
I know.... All you can say is...."Awwwwwwww"

Kittens find nap spot on desk

All stretched out and sleeping while I work on my website at 2am in the morning.
All stretched out and sleeping while I work on my website at 2am in the morning.


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    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Justin, did you know mama cats can have a litter from different fathers! Yep it's true and that's why your kitty was the only Maine Coon in his batch!

    • profile image

      Justin Luttrell 

      10 years ago

      An odd thing is, I had my Maine Coon cat for sometime and that he was the only Maine Coon cat in his batch. All the other cats were not Maine Coon. His name is Horace, and he loves the water too. Sometimes his toys end up in his water dish too lol. He is like a child playing in the bath tub. He also likes to fetch things.

      He always is great with other pets too. Have any of you ever had dogs with them? Cause I had a Minature Pincher and she got along with him pretty well. He was actually bigger than she was. Also we take him to visit my fiance's parents and they have a mastif (sp?) And those two get along very well too lol in fact he chases that big dog around the house a lot. He is not afraid of many things like most cats. If you ever want to see pictures of him check my facebook out.

    • profile image

      Lisa Grice 

      11 years ago

      Oh your bubs are just beautiful! I'm still torn between these and Siberian forest cats for my next pair. I'll probably end up with both eventually My partner and I bought a brother and sister pair of Norwegian Forest Cats 18 months ago, I've heard they're very similar to Maine Coons. A lot of the water antics you describe are exactly like my bubs. I love them to death and yes they are relaxing to just watch after a hard day. I used to be a dog person but I'm so converted! :)

    • profile image

      Brianna Farrel 

      11 years ago

      I have 9 KiTTeNs! Can you beileve that! Anyway hi, i'm 6 years old. I love CATS! I sorda like dogs but I never will as much as I will CATS! When I grow up I am going 2 own more than 19 cats most likely one more thing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,CATS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!,

    • profile image

      Marsha Hill 

      11 years ago

      I am 63 years old and I have loved cats all my life and I don't think that I will love anything else more than my huge maincoon cat named T A Z! So, if you ever see me just ask what do you like better a cat or a dog and I bet you that I will say one heck of a answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MoneyMakingMommy profile imageAUTHOR

      Kelly Land 

      11 years ago from Weaverville, NC

      That's awesome! We love ours. They have been a wonderful addition to our family. Both of them are right here in my office watching a butterfly out the window!! LOL

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      The maine coons are being bought from a good reputable breeder. The breeder, Anita first made contact with Louise Wohifort in the US and arranged for the top breeding line to be bought to the UK, small beginnings in 1979 but now Anita breeds a healthy number of cats a year, has a number of queens and her own stud boys being a closed stud. All the cats are raised underfoot, are Felv negative and have no known hereditary defects. All Anita's Maine Coons are purebred from original American stock that can be traced back to foundation. So excited, we are buying lots of toys, blankets etc. it's like waiting for new babies!

    • MoneyMakingMommy profile imageAUTHOR

      Kelly Land 

      11 years ago from Weaverville, NC

      The kittens are a year old now and just as cute as can be!! Their personalities are much like a dogs....just friendly and sweet.

      The LOVE water. LOVE!!

      They did not get huge. Maybe 8-9 pounds. But they are females.

      I highly recommend this breed. But make sure you're getting them from someone that's not running some kind of over breeding racket.

      I hate people breeding animals constantly just to make a buck. It's cruel.

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Soooo.... cute, Vuvu & Veda r beautiful - so pretty. How old r they now? r they big? We have read males r significantly larger than the females. We r gettin 2 mainecoon kittens late october 2009, 1 male and 1 female!

      female: silver tabby, Serefina.

      male: brown classic tabby with white, Teddy.

      We r so excited, we have heard such wonderful things about this special breed.


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