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Make Money From Home Part 2

Updated on February 13, 2008
A Simple Flower Arrangement
A Simple Flower Arrangement
An Elegant Bonsai
An Elegant Bonsai
A Potted Plant Home Decoration
A Potted Plant Home Decoration

Explore Every Possibility

Supposing you hate cooking, that you prefer to have pizza delivered to your doorstep or you'd rather eat straight out of a can than facing a hot stove.

Look at the notes written on your small notebook again. It was mentioned there that you're fond of gardening: plants, flowers, and small trees.

You'll be surprised that these three items could be turned into three income-generating projects.

Project Number 1: Selling Potted Plants

You need a small space where you can store your pots and plants; and, at the same time, do your potting and re-potting activities. It could be a part of your patio or balcony or terrace, if you don't have a lawn.

You also need a bit of capital to buy your gardening tools: a pair of rubber gloves, a small clipper, a shovel, assorted pots (ceramic, clay, and plastic), and different kinds of plants with different sizes and colors.

(Note: All Photos used in this Hub are from Flickr)
(Note: All Photos used in this Hub are from Flickr)

Make Your Gardening a Profitable Hobby

Buy your plants in bulk from a nearby garden or nursery shop, so that you can get them in lower price.

Handle your plants with tender loving care. Put them inside a sturdy box to protect the leaves and any part of the plants from bruising and breaking.

Always do your plant shopping and travelling early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid stressing your plants.

Your re-potting activities should be done strictly in late afternoon. Transferring of plants to new pots gives the greatest stress.

The roots have to be pruned in shape to fit into the new container and they need time to recuperate from the necessary damage. The leaves may wilt a little but they will be back to normal after a while.

Subjecting the plants to the heat of the afternoon sun after re-potting will aggravate their distress.

Potted Plants are Popular Home Decorations

Plants provide beauty and freshness to any surrounding. Be it a dim corner of the house, a kitchen counter, a porch, a window sill, or even on an office desk.

Even though plants need proper care and maintenance such as watering, pruning, and regular fertilizing, plants are still enjoyable to live with. They always give a fresh breath of life to any home.

You don't have to be artistic to produce an artfully potted plant. The plant itself is an art. All you have to do is some pruning and polishing.

With the use of your clipper, cut out the wayward stalks and dried leaves.

Fill an empty cleaning sprayer with water and diluted liquid soap. Spray a small amount to each leaf and carefully wipe off the moisture with a soft rag.

Use an old toothbrush to brush off the dirt from the branches.

It is very easy to produce attractive potted plants to sell. Just make the plant, and also the pot, neat and clean.

How to Make a Terrarium

Dish Pots Suitable for Dish Gardens and Bonsai Trees
Dish Pots Suitable for Dish Gardens and Bonsai Trees

Specially-Made Potted Plants

The Dish Garden and the Terrarium require more work and attention, thus commanding a higher price. They are also similar to one another but with different containers.

The Dish Garden is a mini-landscaped garden set in a shallow and wide-mouthed clay pot. Clay is recommended because the dish does not have holes beneath it. Water cannot flow out and the unvarnished and unpainted clay material of the pot can absorb the excess water.

The Terrarium is also a mini-landscaped garden but set inside a glass bowl. Because this is an enclosed garden, watering is not needed. The moisture produced by the plants themselves provides the water needed by their roots.

Its only maintenance is regular cleaning and removal of dead leaves to avoid ‘heating up' the atmosphere inside the terrarium.

It is very easy to create these attractive miniature gardens. Both the dish garden and the terrarium follow the same procedure. Watch the video.

Project Number 2: Selling Bonsai Trees

A Bonsai tree is always a good conversation piece because of its unique character and remarkable beauty.

It is also a good source of extra income, when you include it your home gardening business.

Bonsai trees might be exotic plants but they are not too hard to assemble. Like the ordinary plants, you can also buy these miniature trees from nearby nurseries.

They also require more time and extra careful maintenance but they do yield higher profits, so do not hesitate to invest a part of your capital for these mini-trees.

You will also need some more space though, and you just might displace some furniture in the porch to accommodate this latest addition to your home business.

Watch the video to erase any misgivings you might have about this ‘Bonsai' idea.

How to Plant a Bonsai Tree

How to Make Flower Arrangements

How to Make Flower Corsage and Boutonniere

Project Number 3: Flower Arrangements and Flower Corsage and Boutonniere

Flowers are pleasing to the eyes. They give color, they add beauty, and they shower fragrance. A room seems cheerful and welcoming whenever a vase with flowers is around.

Flowers always make any occasion special and out of the ordinary. A wedding ceremony looks more romantic when surrounded with white or pink roses. An extravagant flower centerpiece at a party buffet table makes food more appetizing and enticing.

Watch the video to learn the secrets on how to create these impressive and vibrant flower arrangements.

An elegant dress looks more stylish with a tastefully-designed flower corsage pinned on the bodice. The formal suit looks more dashing with a simple red rose or white carnation boutonniere popped into a blazer's buttonhole. Learn from the video the easy steps on how to make these chic flower accessories.


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