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Make Your Horse's Tail Grow

Updated on June 27, 2008

All it takes is time and M-T-G


First, let me say that I don't work for M-T-G and only discovered this company by (lucky) accident. Apparently, this product is an old favorite for clearing up rain rot, dandruff and itchy skin on horses. But I was desperate when I purchased by leopard appaloosa (barn name: Pebbles) with her sad little broom stick tail. In case you never think about it, a lot of Appaloosas have pathetic, scrawny tails.

That little whisp of a tail that Pebbles had was not enough to discourage her purchase. She is strong, smart, sound and otherwise quite beautiful. But I didn't like it when people asked, "Why did you cut that horse's tail off?" What a pathetic question (do I look like a tailer wacker?). And let's face it, poor Pebbles could use a little better fly swatter than what nature gave her. So I started using M-T-G on it.

M-T-G is a very smelly and oily product that contains - according to the company - petroleum, sulfur, zinc, glycerin, and cade oil, which is a mysterious essential oil from an evergreen tree. None of these seem particularly magical, but it did work magic on Pebbs.

How you use it is simple: just squirt it on the horse's tail and massage it into the bone. That's where the hair comes from ... so putting it directly on the tail may provide some conditioning, but it won't help the tail grow if it's not put on the tail bone. Do this at night since M-T-G can cause hair color to "fade" or "bleach out" in the sun. Also, so this at the end of your horse grooming session since you hands will be totally disgusting and you'll want to clean up. If you have more than one horse to groom, clean them all up and then go back and put M-T-G on all the tails.

You can apply it every third night for about a month and then go to once a week. You will probably see some progress in a couple of months, so don't get discouraged if you don't have a Tennesee Walking Horse tail in 10 days. M-T-G is available at farm supply stores and by mail for about $20 a bottle. I always keep an extra bottle or two on hand since I have two horses, and I am big on beautiful mane and tails. Since starting this beautification program, Pebble's tail has grown at least 4-inches (by riding buddy says 6 inches but who ever has a tape measure when you're debating this stuff). Also, it's thicker. Now, if I quit putting the oil on her tail for say, one or two months, her tail continues to grow. There are probably other products out there that would do the same thing, but I haven't found them. Oddly enough, I still get the occasional question about "why is her tail so short?" Those folks have no idea...


Pebble's new tail is 4 inches longer than her original.
Pebble's new tail is 4 inches longer than her original.
This is Pebble's tail BEFORE her M-G-T program.
This is Pebble's tail BEFORE her M-G-T program.


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