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Making Money Online - Things to Avoid

Updated on November 24, 2007

Multiple Streams of Internet Income - not always!

So I hubbed previously about how I made money online - this post is about the things I did that did not make me any money or at least not enough money to blog about!


  • Jewelry - I tried to sell some sterling silver and semi precious stones jewelry - earings, bracelets and necklaces. Now a key to selling jewelry is great photographs. Taking great photographs also takes a great amount of time. To me the effort was not worth the value in the end. I know there are people who are successful on eBay. All I'm saying is it did not work for me. Anything that involves taking close up shots of items requires set up and I just do not have the patience.
  • Pulp Fiction - not worth it, don't even try it! Romance novels, Reader's Digests etc - if you don't want them, chances are that no one else does either.
  • Non brand-name clothing - unless you're selling a traditional outfit, I found it hard to sell non brand-name clothing. I had much better luck with selling (even if they were worn once) brand name shirts and NWT (new with tag) lingerie.
  • Surveys - if someone has found a way to make money off of filling out surveys I would genuinely be interested to hear from you. I thought this was a total waste of time and just cluttered up my inbox.
  • Secret shopper - OK, I admit that I didn't do this myself but I helped set up a friend and after a couple of secret shopping expeditions she too felt that it was a waste of time. Again, if anyone has had a different experience I'd love to hear from you. Please include dollar values and the amount of time that you actually spent making that money. I'm sure you can make money being a secret shopper but if the hourly rate is less than minimum wage, please help me understand the motivation to go down this path!
  • Greeting card writer - perhaps I wasn't good enough but I spent a lot of time doing this and after getting several rejection slips, decided it was not for me. Unlike the above though, I actually enjoyed this one a lot.
  • Affiliate Book sales - I tried this a while ago and didn't do much to promote my site so ended up making zilch. I admit that I only like the fun creative set up part and dislike the laborious, decidedly "unfun" promotion part.

I am starting to learn about search engine optimization and play around with Google Analytics (what a wonderful tool that actually injects some fun into this whole process). I am trying to view it as a game and have fun with it at the same time. I shall keep you posted about my journey.

Onward and Upward!


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