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Making Money Online With Auto-Responder And PLR Content

Updated on December 23, 2008

E-zine Examples

Go Here For A Larger View You May Need To Click On The Image To Enlarge
Go Here For A Larger View You May Need To Click On The Image To Enlarge

A Twist On The Phrase - "The Money is In The List"

By now you have probably heard the phrase "The Money is In The List" Here are a few ideas on how you can crank out some cash by combining the power of your Auto-Responder and some of your PLR content. First off, gather some of your PLR content, be it PLR Articles or even PLR eBooks that you have the rights to use as content and break them into segments. Organize these segments according to their niche - gardening, poker, SEO and so on. Next, create an e-Zine template.

This can be a fancy HTML template like the one on the right - or just a plain text template preformatted to the number of spaces per line, usually 60 to 70 spaces. As well as any other items you may want to include in the template you give your list. I've put an example over on the right - just click on the image to view a larger copy - this is just for idea purposes, yours does not have to be an exact replica of this example.

Then use one of your segments to fill that template and upload to your Auto-Responder and send it to your list. Tell them this is a PLR e-zine and to keep a copy of the blank template as a..well a template and fill it with the additional PLR content you will be sending in the up-coming emails.

Instruct them on how to make changes in the e-zine content so as to make theirs unique or different from the others on the list. For example, you can high lite certain words or phrases and give them a link to an online thesaurus - and tell them they can use this to replace the words or phrases with like meaning phrases and words.

This technique not only builds a relationship with your list, but it helps your list, build a relationship with their list. You may even take it a step further by incorporating a few affiliate links into the PLR content you are giving your list and they may replace yours with theirs , but most will not.

Another idea would be to use some of your PLR content to create a series of digital or even physical newsletters and sell your own products within the newsletter.

You can also include affiliate products or even sell advertising spots to other marketers within your newsletter, especially if it is a physical newsletter mailed out to readers via bulk mail - better postage rates that way.

Another idea is to some an obvious next step to the aforementioned ideas...

This is to create these same e-zine styles in multiple niches and build multiple lists in the process.

Getting slightly off-topic for a second...

Imagine this - you have several blogs that automatically (I'll show you how to do this in an upcoming Hub) populate themselves, meaning that once you set them up, content related to that blogs niche automatically posts to the blog thus keeping the search engines happy and organic traffic flowing to the blog.

Now you have these blogs monetized with google AdSense, amazon and eBay affiliate ads and a number of other monetization items that require zero up-keep... set-it & forget it.

Now with that picture in your head, lets get back on topic of the e-zines in multiple niches idea.

You have links to your niche related blogs throughout these PLR e-zines and the more you provide these PLR e-zines to your lists, the more you are helping them build their lists and potentially, the more traffic is being referred to your monetized blogs.

Will this make you an overnight multi-millionaire? I doubt it.

But the beauty of this is that once you have it set up in your auto-responder, and your blogs in place and monetized, you are finished. If you set your auto-responder up with 52 e-zines to be delivered once a week, then you only need to feed your auto-responder once a year with new PLR content.


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      freeautoresponder 7 years ago

      You're right. Most of the people who are successful online tell clearly the become successful overnight... after struggling for years!

    • profile image

      theinternetcashcow 8 years ago

      Thanks for the article I found it very informative