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Mario Party 8 Strategy Guide Part 2

Updated on July 13, 2007

Unless you missed it Part 1, where I begin explaining strategies for how to beat certain game boards, I will continue explain strategies for the last four gameboards.

King Boo’s Haunted Hideaway

On this board, you do not have the advantage of seeing the board, and there is no telling where the star is until you arrive. However, you can check the actions of the other players to see if they are on the right track, and attempt to overtake them with the Twice or Thrice Candy.

Remember that stars cost 10 coins here, so always make sure you have enough to make the transaction. Otherwise, you’ll get there with not enough points for the star and you’ll show your opponents where to go. Also, in order to take the right paths to the star, you might have to pay off giant thing called a Whomp with 10 coins.

Landing on the DK Spaces helps because he turns the Pitfall rooms (places that don’t give you the star but immediately eject you from the mansion) into Star Rooms. I believe his stars are free, too.

Shy Guy’s Perplex Express

This game can be confusing due to its train board, especially when certain Green Spaces can switch the cars of the train around. Speaking of Green spaces, there is one question mark space right before the diner car that must be avoided due to its way it sucks you up and causes you to miss Shy Guy before you get to the star. This is assuming the Diner car will stay in front of the locomotive that has Shy Guy. Be sure to have 20 coins before you get to see Shy Guy, or no Star.

However, there is one Green Space that you should find that gives you many coins if you can locate a character named Mouz. If you see Mouz as you go by, remember where you saw him. Don’t just memorize what number car he is in, because that number can change if someone lands on one of those Green changing car spaces.

Koopa’s Tycoon Lagoon

This game is little like Monopoly meets Mario Party, because the object isn’t to get Stars, but buy the hotels that have the Stars. A small investment of coins will buy the hotel and get one star, but a higher investment of 20 coins will turn the hotel into a two-star and the player gets two stars. From there, fifty coins will upgrade to 3 stars and one hundred will turn it to 4 stars.

As you can see, you have great opportunity to make a lot of Stars, but this also works for the other players as well. If another player comes along and invests more coins into a hotel that belongs to you, he or she will steal your Stars, and may get more depending on the upgrade. To keep this from happening, invest as many coins as possible, however, you don’t want to put all your coins in one hotel. Spread out your investments as much as you can.

Bowser’s Warped Orbit

This board does not unlock until you beat the Star Battle Tent, which I will discuss later. This game is different because every player starts out with five Stars, and the object is then to steal as many Stars as possible from the other players.

The trick is staying as far away from the other players as possible, and making certain you can steal from them. You are definitely going to need Bowser Candy and Bullet Candy to accomplish this, and they can just as easily steal from you. This is about as cutthroat as it gets.

This board contains several areas where the path forks, and the computer randomly determines whether you go right or left. Sometimes this works in your favor, if you have someone who is about to overtake you before they steal your star. Of course, sometimes it does not work.


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