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Mario Party 8 Strategy Guide Part 3

Updated on July 13, 2007

If you want to learn about how to beat gameboards in the Party tent, you might want to look at Parts 1 and 2. As for the other sections, this is where it’s at.

Star Battle Arena

This one-player area will allow you, upon completion, to play the Bowser’s Warped Orbit Gameboard with one of the two blocked characters. To play with the other blocked character, you must beat the Star Battle Arena with the character you just blocked.

For the most part, the same strategies apply to winning individual Star Battle boards as when you play at the Party Tent. The Star Battle games are not played with the number of turns and the highest Stars and Coins after a certain number of turns wins.

No, there is no mini-games except playing one-on-one with the computer, and the objects vary. On DK’s Treetop Temple and Boo’s Haunted Hideaway, the object is to collect two stars before the other for the win. On Goomba’s Booty Boardwalk and Shy Guy’s Perplex Express, the object is to get one star that costs 50 coins. Koopa’s Tycoon Lagoon requires you to get 4 Stars for a win. Bowser’s is the most difficult, in which the winner must steal all the Stars from the other player.

It all tops off with a mini-game that is difficult to beat, but fortunately, you are given several chances. From there, you can unlock the Bowser board, a character, and the mini-game wagon at the Fun Bazaar.

Minigame Tent

Playing these games allows you to play several minigames at once, and some will be locked until you do certain things.

For example, Crown Showdown will not be playable until you unlock at least one minigame in the 4 player, 1 vs. 3 player, 2 vs. 2 minigame and Duel minigame categories.

Flip out Frenzy requires the unlocking at least one 4 player minigame, and Tic Tac Drop unlocks a duel minigame.

Test for the Best has to be unlocked at the Fun Bazaar, and it is quite hard. This puts your character on a balloon that represents the point value you accrue for playing minigames. The limit is 10,000, but is only possible with an absolutely perfect score. I’m convinced that only Jesus can score that high.

Extras Zone

There are a few fun mini-games you can play there, and you can buy four more at the Fun Bazaar. What makes this really interesting is you can play as a Mario Party character or as a Mii avatar.

Fun Bazaar

As you are well aware, beating games and other good works will result in Carnival Card rewards, which can be spent here.

MiniGame Wagon

Any new minigames can be found and purchased at this area. Unfortunately, you need to beat the Star Battle Arena before this can be approached.

Carnival Wagon

There are many Carnival Figures that you can purchase at the at the Surprise Wagon. All of them can be put on display here for some cheap thrill of some kind. As far as I know, nothing more happens when you collect them all.

Surprise Wagon

This one is where you can get all the stuff you’ve been missing! Games for the Extras Zone are here. Carnival Figures are here. It’s a way to use minimal rewards for your maximum efforts. It’s like of like when you cash your 5,000 Coke Points in for a jacket.


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