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Meditations for the Chakras

Updated on March 11, 2013

Root Chakra Meditation

Stand or sit with both feet firmly planted on the floor. Have your spine straight and relax, closing your eyes. Imagine a bright red light at the base of your spine. Take a few deep breaths, focusing your mind on the color at the base of your spine. Then imagine that you are sending roots from your chakra, deep into the center of the earth. Let the roots climb down through the different layers of the earth, until they reach the core. As you breathe in, bring energy from the core of the earth, through these roots and into your body, at the base of the spine. Feel yourself deeply connected to the earth. Know that you are supported by the strength of the earth.

Sacral Chakra Meditation

Sit cross-legged, close your eyes, and place your right hand on your lower abdomen, just below the belly button. Focus your breath into this area and see the warm orange glow that lives here. Slowly begin rubbing your belly, making small circles. Feel the energy created in this chakra center. Imagine a creative idea you would like to start or something in your life that you want, something that would bring you pleasure. As you focus on this idea, imagine what it would be like to see your completed creation or obtain your desire. Notice the feelings in your body. You are harnessing this energy to bring your creations and desires to fruition. Bask in the glow of knowing that you can have, be, or do anything you want. You are abundant.

Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation

Lie on your back and begin taking five breaths. With each breath, draw the air deeper into your body, into the center of your being. Focus your attention at your center and visualize a vibrant yellow circle, steadily swirling around. Feel the warmth and energy created by this yellow center. Now picture the sun, full of heat, beaming directly into your power center, charging it. Feel the energy from the sun lighting up your solar plexus chakra and then spreading throughout the rest of your body until you are radiating light from head to toe. This power is yours to tap into whenever you need it.

Heart Chakra Meditation

Breathe into your heart chakra. Focus on filling your chest with the breath. Let your breath fill your lungs, expanding your ribs, creating space around your heart. Look into your heart center and allow the emerald wheel of love to open up and bloom. Feel your heart unfolding, like the petals of a flower. Imagine someone you love and send a beam of green, gold, or pink light from your heart to this person’s heart. Feel this beam of light connecting you to another person, and then to all of creation.

Throat Chakra Meditation

Think of something that you haven’t been honest about (whether telling an outright lie or a time when you kept quiet rather than speaking up, giving away a piece of your integrity or perhaps a betrayal of yourself or antoher). Let the untruth come to the surface and acknowledge it. Think of what you would like say now. Are there words of truth that you would like to send out? Formulate your truth and wrap it in a royal blue bubble. Let the blue soak into your words, saturating them. Now release the word filled bubble, knowing that it contains your truth. Let it float away. Or perhaps you would like to send it to a particular person who deserves to hear your truth.

Third Eye Chakra Meditation

Focus on your third eye. Ask if there is anything that your inner guide would like to tell you. Or if you have a specific question that you need help with, ask it. Get quiet and listen. If you find your mind wandering, come back to your third eye and your breath. Sit for as long as it takes for the message to come. Or leave the question out there and return to the meditation for a few days. Sometimes it takes more time for us to hear a message. But we will always receive a response, if we are willing to listen.

Crown Chakra Meditation

Breathe in energy from center of earth, through each one of the chakras. As your breath passes through each chakra center, imagine the color of that chakra lighting up. Once you have reached the crown chakra, release all of those colors out the top of your head and into the world. Then, take energy of this world and breathe it down through the chakras. Again, light up each chakra as your breath flows through that center. Send all of that energy back into the earth. Go through this process as many times as you like, following the breath up and down through the chakras.


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    • Denny Lyon profile image

      Denny Lyon 8 years ago from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

      Excellent hub describing solid basics for the beginner to grasp the concept as they learn their inner self.  Blogging this on over to my healing blog, thanks for writing it!

      Thumbs up too!

    • profile image

      Brice 8 years ago

      as an advocate of alternative and holistic healing, I know how useful all forms of meditiation can be. I also know why many Reiki practioners seek to clear the chakras as part of their approach to healing. It makes sense that we should learn chakra-specific meditations. Thanks for bringing us meditations we can use as we move from chakra to chakra.

    • idealjanoo profile image

      idealjanoo 8 years ago

      very nice hub

    • Sonia Gallagher profile image

      Sonia Gallagher 8 years ago from South Florida, USA

      This is great information. I recently had a kundalini energy awakening during a spiritual retreat. I literally saw as the energy flowed through me from my shins to the top of my head. I wrote about it in more detail on my blog (My Meditation Garden). Though it was absolutely liberating, it was one of the most frightening experiences I've ever had. I got an excruciating migraine from it while I was having the experience and feel that happened because the energy flowed too quickly...

    • profile image

      Prascina 8 years ago

      Beautiful! Colors relate to light.There are sounds corresponding to each chakra relating to aumkara the cosmic vibration.

    • TheresaAnn profile image

      TheresaAnn 9 years ago from South Fallsburg, New York

      Great HubPage. Meditations flow so easily.

    • Ntathu profile image

      Ntathu 9 years ago from SE London

      Beautiful meditations....OM Ntathu

    • C.S.Alexis profile image

      C.S.Alexis 9 years ago from NW Indiana

      Had to bookmark this one. Nice job KimmySF

      C.S. Alexis

    • profile image

      renu verma 9 years ago

      r/sir,they all are excellent cd's


      renu verma