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Memory Foam Dog Beds - Should You Spend the Money?

Updated on November 18, 2008
Larger Breed Dogs Benefit from the Support of a Memory Foam Dog Bed
Larger Breed Dogs Benefit from the Support of a Memory Foam Dog Bed

Finding the Best Bed Can Not Only Provide Comfort, But Last Longer Than Most Dog Beds



Did you know that memory foam is the only material known to man that completely eliminates all pressure points?

For years, hospitals and burn units have used memory foam for us humans because our pressure points become bed sores. Our beloved animals suffer from pressure points just as we do. A memory foam dog bed provides exceptional comfort and support while eliminating those painful pressure points -- making it the perfect material for dogs with arthritis, hip dysplasia, joint and muscle issues. And don't forget our younger animals - memory foam can make the aging process easier on their joints.


We would do anything for the comfort and support of our precious animals -- they are part of the family. Memory foam is expensive foam -- well worth it for its properties-- but how do you spend your money wisely? How do you know which memory foam dog bed to purchase? How do you know the memory foam dog bed will last?


Here are a couple tips for selecting the best memory foam dog bed -- one that will last:


  • What quality of memory foam is being used in the dog bed? There are three grades of quality available on the market today.
  1. The lesser quality memory foam is 3 pound memory foam. This foam is very light weight and has been known to lose its 'memory' over time. Many of the memory foam dog beds on the market today use the cheaper 3 pound memory foam.
  2. The next step up in quality is 4 pound memory foam -- that is what is used in most human beds.
  3. Then lastly is the finest quality available - 5 pound memory foam. If you can find a dog bed made with 5 pound memory foam it will give you the best support possible while usually lasting years and years.

And believe me, if the dog bed is using 5 pound memory foam -- they are going to tell you! If the dog bed is using a lesser quality memory foam they most likely will omit which grade of memory foam is being used.


  • Does the memory foam dog bed have a supporting layer of foam? This is a critical step -- but an expensive step - so most memory foam dog beds do not do this. Why a supporting layer of foam is so important is because should a dog bed be made ONLY of memory foam -- the longer your dog sleeps or rests on the dog bed -- they will sink deeper and deeper into the bed until finally hitting the floor. Once they hit the floor it creates a pressure point and you have just defeated the whole reason you have invested in a memory foam dog bed.


  • Does the memory foam dog bed have a protective liner? Memory foam, like all foams, is porous and over time will absorb all sorts of 'stuff' -- drool, goo, and bear in mind many older dogs are incontinent. Again we are talking about an expensive step -- but well worth the cost if it means your memory foam dog bed will last for years.

It breaks our hearts to watch our dogs grow older and suffer from many of the illnesses we humans do. Thankfully there are ways to take away the pain. One of them is buying a quality memory foam dog bed that will give our precious dogs years of comfort and good health!


Debbie Holte is a frequent contributor of articles on our dog's health and happiness for whose company's mission is to improve the quality of life for our beloved animals.



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