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Metronap Energypod

Updated on May 9, 2007

The name Metronap is an almost self-explanatory description of what they do. This company, headquartered in the Empire State Building, believes that workforce productivity can be enhanced with mid-day napping equipment and education. As for the educational aspect, they hold an Enhanced Energy Seminar to teach employees effective sleep techniques, but it is their equipment, the Engergypod, that interested me.

The Energypod is a quasi-futuristic looking piece of work that allows employees to take a little (hopefully approved) siesta while on the job. The dome, also known as a privacy shield, comes down in order to get a "room within a room" so you can take your mind out of the workplace. After the pod comfortably reclines, music then helps take you away to dreamland. An acoustic alarm and gentle vibration wake you up, 20 minutes later.

You may not think that 20 minutes is long enough for a good nap, but professional tennis star Tim Henman claims that he slept like a baby for 20 minutes. The other companies have similar assessments on the quality (not quanity) amount of sleep. The Energypod costs about $8,000, which is a high price to pay for good sleep.

Assuming that it does work, I've got to admit, these things have to take up a lot of space. Can you imagine the awkwardness when a client asks a business "what's that?". Especially after the business honestly responds: "Oh, that's a Metronap Energypod. It allows the company to take naps on the job."

Personally, I have come to the job tired, and could have easily taken a 20 minute nap on my lunchbreak. It would have been nice if there were facilities. However, I am a little concerned about what would happen if every workplace got these facilities.

But imagine if they were cheaper, and every business had them. I realize that many people have slept at the office, but we're talking employers who have the power over when you can sleep. It would be like your mom sending you out to take a nap when you get unruly. Worse yet, can an employer say: "We had a project that came up at the last minute. I know you usually get off work now, so take a nap in the EnergyPod and work until you finish it.".

Maybe it would be better if these EnergyPods stayed out of the workplace and in spas, or something. Personally, if I wanted good sleep I would keep it out of the office.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I dig Henry I really do. His roahdsiow is f*cking addictive. His spoken word;funny and inspiring (to a certain degree..have to admit am always getting a wee bit fed up with the; educational-american-do-better-message It leaves a bit of a sour aftertaste the same sour aftertaste I get with vegan punks and jehova witnesses) And furthermore the guy is attractive. He never used to be attractive..But now since hes aging theres a certain melancholy/broken soul look. He reminds me of superman out of work.Going over and over his glory days again whilst drinking coffee..AnywayI don't like the footage. I don't mind seeing the girl going all groupie on Henry. I don't mind knowing that she was prolly eager to swallow,what ever it is that she wants to swallow. What I mind is that Henry is taking an advantage of him being Henry Rollins and Henry who has the protection of the (male) crowd. It reminds me of a coward. And its a bit childish as well.Now having written that..I know that I don't know the entire story. Am also aware that footage these days in most cases serves it selves as the truth..Without knowing the beginning or the aftermath..StillThe guys in the footage..Are ANNOYING .Guys are always annoying..They get in a guy-crowd and all of a sudden its like seeing Jodie Foster in a 80-ies movie getting jiggy with white trash truckers in a bar,until its too late and she starts going: Please help me ..The guys in the footage of Henry kinda remind me of that..So Im taking the side of The Slut..Since she causes such a stir on this site ,its obvious that all of us wish we had her balls to degrade ourselves in public in order to score ..We re just too uptight to admit it..

    • GaussTek Limited profile image

      GaussTek Limited 

      5 years ago from Boca Raton, Florida

      Ant idea as who the manufacturer is?

    • profile image

      Don Martin 

      6 years ago

      Wow this is awesome - where can we buy a couple for the office? Imagine combining a Metronap with an oxygen bar!

      Don @

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      where can we buy it at 8000 USD?

    • livelonger profile image

      Jason Menayan 

      11 years ago from San Francisco

      They should integrate magnetic pulses that apparently squeeze 8 hours' worth of sleep into 2:

      This company claims to already have a product:


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