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MiRoamer Internet Radio Player

Updated on March 28, 2008

I think we all know that the age of radio is about to come to a close. It really has nothing to do with the popularity of television, but there is no point waiting for songs to come over the radio when a user can just download them off of iTunes onto their iPod.

Of course, there is no better instrument for releasing new songs into the market than the radio. However, most people are not listening to radio on the radio, but the Internet, and there are many programs available that can play radio stations right off the Internet, and some stations are designed exclusively for the Internet.

One program that can play the radio right from the Internet is the miRoamer. It is capable of playing radio stations from tens of thousands of Internet radio stations and streams.

Signing up for miRoamer is completely free, all that is required is an email address, and a user enters in some information, but nothing too revealing, like a credit-card number, for example.

Once all that is entered in, all you need to do is access the miMedia, which opens up the Internet radio providers including Radio Time, RadioIO, Digitally Imported Radio, Sky FM, Torian Media, and Lafayette Radio. Each of these particular providers have a great number of radio stations, and they are sorted by Genre. So whatever your music preference, you can always find it.

I found that playing it required at least one player to play the music, and it can be Winamp, Windows Media Player, or Real Player. However, for some reason, it wanted to use iTunes in order to play the music. Don’t ask me why, but at least it did it without charging me for anything. However, if I wanted to buy a song, I guess having iTunes open makes it easy on a buyer.

After you have found your favorite type of music, you can organize it with the My Favorites function. It is very easy to use, and allows you to make separate files for all your favorite genres of music.

Another handy feature is the miDevices, which allows the Miroamer to become attached to other devices. For example, the miRomer allows you to wirelessly access all of the same Internet content via portable devices such as cell phones, the car, and other places where the Internet will become available. It even allows for parental filtering, which might come in handy for those parents who are worried about certain songs with questionable lyrics.

The best part about the miRoamer is that signing up is completely free. Check it out at and see for yourself.


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