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Milennium Project

Updated on November 15, 2006

Entertainment At Seniors Home

Our municipality announced that it is participating in the Milennium Partnership Program in 2000 and everyone is invited to submit a project proposal. I and my friend had been participating with different projects in the community like Multicultural Fair sponsored by the city and Rotary Club. My friend worked in a Nursing Home and she suggested that we could put up a project to entertain seniors. In no time I was able to obtain a copy of the forms to outline the project. This was a tie-up between the city , the Milennium Bureau and we the organizers. It was planned that the project will take for a year and there would be ten participating senior's home within the area. Sponsors have been contacted and two churches were willing to give a hand. The funding runs this way: our group will put up our funding, the sponsors will put up their own, the total for both will be equalize by the Millennium Bureau. About the funding, in kind donations are being accepted like gas to be used during the performances submitting the receipts and also snacks during practices. There were 72 volunteer participants who were the dancers, singers and child performers. The program for entertainment has three parts, first is the introduction which is choir singing, second is folk dancing, and third is the children's musical ensemble.The opening ceremony was attended by a special guest and a message was read from the office of the Deputy Prime Minister. The Project started in June so the group performed in the participating nursing homes in the area. The church pastors volunteered to give their message during the introduction. Parents of the child performers accompanied their children. The senors were very delighted to see us entertaining them and the staff at the nursing homes welcome us that they invited us to return. We receive an invitation to contribute our part in the celebration of a certain women's day that was held in a college auditorium. At the culmination of the project the city mayor came to grace the occasion and he invited us to have a presentation during the Lieutenant Governor's visit.It was an exciting experience for everyone.


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