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Mind Bending Media

Updated on January 9, 2009

Inspirational Movies & Music

How to Be Happy All The Time

The number one question I get from my coaching clients is how to stay in the right frame of mind all the time. Upon deeper examination, the common desire is to be happy all the time.

I always answer - you won't always be positive. It is not possible. Life will present circumstances and situations that will bring you sorrow, pain, fear, grief and anger.

It is not healthy or normal to be happy in the face of trauma. But, to be able to be with the situation and the associated feelings, knowing there is a divine plan is precisely what you want to do.

The trick is, not to stay in those painful places. I teach my students to allow their emotions and feelings...there is really no other choice. The choice we think we are making when we attempt to ignore, disassociate or somehow rid ourselves of our feelings is choosing to live with the feeling.

The more we resist the feeling/emotion, the harder we are actually holding onto it. It seems paradoxical, I know. Truly, the only way to let go of unwanted feelings and emotions is to allow them to exist.

They do exist. Our denial is futile!

The acceptance of the feeling/emotion does not mean we sit with the pain, make it dinner and invite it to stay for the summer.

We allow it to come and just as easily allow it to go.

This is obviously easier said than done but with practice with the small things, it becomes easier to apply with all situations.

In ho'oponopono we are taught to actually show love and gratitude for the thought/feeling/emotion. We are grateful that it has shown up allowing us the opportunity to recognize it and give it up to God.

We understand there is a divine plan unfolding and even now, as we love the memory, we are shaping our destiny. We came here to learn lessons. Lessons designed to remind us of our true identity.

Once we get the lessons, the circumstances are no longer needed.




Add Laughter To Your Life

See the beauty in everyone.
See the beauty in everyone.
Look for opportunities to laugh.
Look for opportunities to laugh.

Media that Uplifts the Spirit!

It is much easier to feel good when we are feeling good!

What I mean is the sooner we get the lesson, the lesser the consequences we face.  It is as if we are being taught a piano lesson by a teacher who begins our relationship by showing us how to play - without even using words.

When we don't get the subtle messages, she may begin by whispering gently in our ear what is to be done.  If that strategy still does not get our attention, her voice gets progressively louder and more intense.

Lessons in this life are much like that.  If we were able to learn our lessons at the lower intensity teaching life would flow much more peacefully and joyfully.

As the lessons get more intense, especially when facing a dramatic crisis of disease or of a financial nature some people find it impossible to hear the voice of God over the fear.

It sometimes takes these dramatic levels to get our attention.  We have all heard that it is through loss that we learn.  While this is obviously a true statement - it doesn't have to take a dramatic painful scenario to learn our lessons.

One of the best ways to alleviate any problem is to feel good. 

The Shift Movie

Empowering Movies

Why Mind Bending Media?

Not to talk in circles but it is much easier to feel good when the temperature has not been turned up on the problem. For example, it is easier to feel good about your body, show it your love and appreciation before you get chronic pain.

When the pain occurs, it is just a stronger signal something needs attention. It is more challenging to feel good while your physical body is in pain and this is always a good time to use a distraction like an uplifting or funny movie.

If you are experiencing any illness, physical or emotional pain, financial trouble or even relationship problems it is imperative that you change your vibrational frequency.

If you remain focused on the problem, the problem will not only persist but it will do so with a vengeance.

Your most important goal in life is to feel good as Wayne Dyer reminds us.  The more you are in vibrational harmony with Divinity the cleaner your connection to the divine source is.

The clearer the connection the more open you are to any message from divinity and when communication is open, your destiny is clear to you.

Don't wait for a dramatic event to feel good.  Now is all there is - no matter what your circumstances there is something you can do right this moment.

Feel good!

I have listed dozens of resources and welcome others to leave their favority uplifting, inspiring, motivating resources in the comments below.

We always feel good when helping others. 


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    • johnruizborja profile image

      johnruizborja 8 years ago from Philippines

      nice pictures you've got there.. i love it!

    • anjalichugh profile image

      anjalichugh 9 years ago from New York

      You're absolutely right in saying that we should not try to deny the existence of negative emotions-the more we try the more they surface. I also endorse your view about 'learning lessons at low intensity is better'. I not only admire the content of your hubs but I am prompting others to read it also. Thumbs up for you.