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Mio Moov 310

Updated on May 7, 2008

Satellite Navigation systems and GPS devices are getting more and more common these days, and it won’t be long before every driver has one and every car come with one as a standard feature. Mio is prepared for this GPS boom with the release of their Moov GPS devices. The Moov series includes the 200, the 210, the 310, and the 300.

I had a chance to try out the 310. The 310, like the 300, features a 4.3-inch widescreen interface. The screen’s large size makes it large enough for a user to see the screen while driving without squinting. All that is required is to touch the corner for the menu, and there are many options available.

Inputting your destination is as simple as typing on the touch-keypad. I found it odd that you had to input the city first, then the address. You also have the option of setting a destination by an intersection.

Once that information is set in, the 310 will guide the user to its location with text-to-speech, so the driver can keep their eyes on the road where it belongs. I found that it was quite good at navigating, but I have to admit there were times when I could give better directions than it was giving.

For example, I had to drive to a Conference, and I took two highways to get there. However, on the way back, the 310 advised me to take a different highway. I don’t really see why, because the traffic was pretty decent on the road that I came from.

By the way, the 310 advertises that there is no more guesswork, that it will not say things like “turn in 300 yards”, but rather “turn onto 2nd Avenue”. However, I found that it still said things like “turn in 2,000 feet”. In its defense, I will have to say that the 310 would tell you what street to turn on, and gave you at least 300 feet of warning.

The 310 has over 3.5 million points of interest, which makes it easy to find all types of locations including restaurants, gas stations, emergency assistance, hotels, and more. It also has 12 months of free real-time traffic updates with the Traffic Message Channel (TMC).

I found that this device was quite easy to use, and it was lighter than most GPS devices. I did have to program it to work, as it seemed to think it was in California. I used the No Wait GPS Signal with SiRF Instant Fix II, and then set a destination. It seemed to know where I was from there.

All in all, I enjoying using the Mio 310 and would recommend it. You should be able to pick up the Mio Moov 310 for about $249.95.


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    • profile image 9 years ago

      can the mio have a truckers chip put in it