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Mobui gives customers new advancements for their cell phones

Updated on November 29, 2008

Mobile phone technology has advanced very quickly in the past few years, and it is amazing what an average user can do with a cellular phone.  A company called Mobui (pronounced “mow-buoy”) has recently released two applications that give the mobile phone user power over another popular application: television watching. 


Mobile Chat Application


There are many shows on television that generate a lot of talk after the episode ends.  From reality shows like Dancing with the Stars to dramas like Lost, it is amazing how many chat rooms, text messaging, and instant messaging programs get filled up with discussion about the latest episode. 


What if there was a way for a viewer to watch a television show, and then talk about their favorite program online via mobile phone in realtime?  This is exactly what Mobui’s downloadable instant messaging program is designed to do. 


So far, this is programmed only to work with certain VH1 shows, so a user can join an online mobile chatroom about some of their favorite shows, such as Rock of Love Charm School and Real Chance of Love.  Some of these chatrooms will be hosted by the “celebrealities” themselves. 


So, is this the new way that people will be watching television?  If so, then look forward to the end of watercooler conversations taking place as the show happens, and not after. 


TiVo Scheduler


In addition to offering a mobile user the chance to chat about their favorite program, Mobui is also offering the chance for mobile phone users to record their favorite program.  Considering the popularity of this Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) in the past few years, this mobile application should be a favorite amongst TiVo watchers for years to come. 


Programming TiVo programs by remote is nothing new, but TiVo’s mobile service has caused problems with some wireless plans.  In some cases, some cell phone programs are completely incompatible with TiVo’s mobile service. 


However, TiVo Mobile is “a free mobile phone-optimized Web site that allows subscribers and non-subscribers alike to browse, search, and discover television shows, regardless of mobile platform, carrier or browser.  The site can be accessed with any Internet-enabled phone through any network, regardless of carrier, opening up the service to millions and millions of cell phone owners”. 


This site, also known as, has been optimized for the small screen, so it is easy to use on the tiny cellular phone screen. 


So you got to hand it to Mobui for giving users the option for programming their video recording and talking about it.  Keep your eye on Mobui in the future for more cellular phone application advancements. 


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      Mohideen Basha 9 years ago from TRICHY, TAMIL NADU, INDIA.

      hi, mark rollins, some useful hints from you, thks