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Moving In: Ways to Know You're Both Ready

Updated on May 27, 2008

What To Look For

So you are in a relationship. It's great. You love your partner and you've been together for quite a while. You feel yourself missing your partner whenever s/he is away. You wish you could spend every second of every day with them. (Well, if you feel that, there could be some clingy issues) Yet, if you feel that you know your partner well enough and are comfortable enough to take the next step, then what's stopping you? Oh, yes. The Doubts. Having doubts is completely normal, yet the way to know you are ready to "move on up" is to (A) think about the two of you living together. Do you get this happy, excitable feeling? Then you are ready to take that step, and (B) to spend a whole day with your partner and check for signs that will tell you if you are ready to be with each other 24-7. Can you handle their pros and cons? Here is how to tell if the both of you are ready. These are your signs!

Signs Women Should Look For...

Ladies, we all know you adore your man; your love and devotion to your guy extends up to your thought of wanting to take that next step in the relationship. So, you've got him with you for a whole day. What do you look for? Here are the signs:

  • When you are spending a whole day together, listen for your man to give you a hint that he loves spending all this time with you. If he says that he wishes he could spend every day with you, then that is your first sign.
  • Your man doesn't mind compromising with you. He doesn't hog the remote when you are both watching tv, he keeps your interests in mind. This means he knows that you are an important part of his life and he is willing to give up some pleasures of his to share time with you.
  • Does your man know your health and beauty issues? Well, he should. If he knows about how long you take in the shower, he knows that you shave, and he's comfortable with it, you are just a few steps away from moving in. This is a great sign! Nothing is better than knowing that your man is comfortable with your beauty fiascos.
  • You put on one of your man's shirts because your cold. Does he freak out or say that the shirt is yours. If he says that the shirt is yours, this is just a small gesture basically telling you that what is his, is now yours also. Great attitude to have when moving in! Does he snuggle too? Even better!
  • Throughout the day you are spending together, you decide to make some lunch. If your man gets up to help you, this means that he is ready to share responsibility with you. This is crucial if you want to move in with your partner. This also means that he won't leave all the household chores to just you. He wants to chip in.
  • It is the end of the day that you have with your man. Does he give any sign that he wants you to stay the night? If he does, then girl, you are set! This means that his fondness for you extends even after the day is done. He likes your company enough to want you for a whole 24 hours.

What Men Should Look For

First of all, if you're a man, and you're reading this, then congratulations! You are taking one step towards trying to improve your relationship! Now, it's a rumored fact that men shy away from the whole commitement thing so you should commend yourself now. Keep it up because you love your girl! Now you want to move in with that sweet lady, but not sure if she wants to? Here is what to look for:

  • You are spending a whole day together. Ask her for some decorating tips for your place. If she recommends girly ideas or ideas that involve meshing the two of you, then she is definitely thinking about the same thing you are.

  • While at your place, suggest the idea of her having a spare toothbrush and some extra clothes at your place to see how she reacts. If she loves the idea, then taking the next step is on her mind.

  • When the both of you are out, does your girl start talking about things that she wants the both of you to share, even though it is plainly obvious the both of you need to move in together in order to share that, like for instance, a pet? Well then it seems as if she is trying to leave you hints that she is ready.

  • While at your place, your girl notices that you are not the cleanest person out there. Instead of criticizing you, does she innocently pick up some of your stuff? If she does, this means she has a natural ability and a natural want to share some household responsibilities with you.

  • Let your girl in on one of your excessive hobbies like, say, videogames or playing on your laptop. Does she shy away from you, or does she express her excessive hobbies as well? Sharing things that may get annoying to the both of you is a good sign that you both are ready to delve into deeper territory.

Final Decision

Things to Remember:

Now that you've got the signs all laid out for you, its just important to remember the things that are essential to your relationship besides just being able to share responsibilities and blah blah. What I mean is that you need to make sure that there is an excess amount of love and passion. Without those, a relationship (especially if you are already living with each other) is doomed to become boring. Often when living together, some of the passion dies and relationships can become strained.


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    • profile image

      Perpendicular 7 years ago

      This was a very informative article. The timing was amusing, since my girlfriend just moved out yesterday. ...Maybe I should have found this page sooner. LOL!