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Music Maker

Updated on January 18, 2007

Piano Composition

Classic Rock Composition

I have always wanted to learn a musical instrument so I could play music and perhaps more importantly compose some. Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to learn to play an instrument.

I received a music making/composition software from my wife for Christmas. It is made by Magix. It is an incredible software. I had previously evaluated Music Creator Pro by Cakewalk and Acid Music Studio 6.0 by Sony. However, neither one of these even come close to the capabilities of Music Maker 11 Deluxe by Magix. The software is very user friendly and loaded with useful features. Using Music Maker 11 Deluxe one can easily and quickly compose music and record vocals onto it; mix and remix compositions; and master the soundtrack and burn it onto a CD or DVD or save it in MP3 format. The features of Magix include: 25 professional studio effects, virtual instruments, synthesizer, vocal tuning, mixing in the 5.1 surround room, automated remix, automatic harmony recognition, import/export/interfaces, sounds/video clips/effects templates, and a lot more.

I have truly enjoyed using this software to create various types of soundtracks by either using the synthesizer or available virtual instruments. All you need is love for music, musical imagination and a little bit of time to create music with your unique signature on it.

Here are two examples of my compositions.


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    • youtubemusic profile image

      youtubemusic 10 years ago

      I nearly bought it but I hesitated. After reading your article I won't hesitate any more :)

    • vic profile image

      vic 11 years ago

      Thank you for the complement. Not only I don't know how to play the piano, I can't read music either. That is the beauty of this software. You can literally create any kind of sound you can imagine. It also provides a lot of help in putting the sounds together.

    • livelonger profile image

      Jason Menayan 11 years ago from San Francisco

      Wow;, I'm really impressed! Are you sure you don't know how to play the piano? How did you compose the music?