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My US Visa Interview Experience

Updated on September 5, 2008

I went to the US Embassy last month to apply for a tourist visa because I'll be accompanying my husband on his business trip and probably tour some places too. On the day of the interview, I came to the embassy an hour earlier. Many people were already queued outside the building and I was asked to join them. When my number was called for the interview, I was a little nervous because I saw how the officer asked the lady before me with questions like, 'Are you sure it's Disneyworld and not Disneyland? The state where you want to want to travel is in the East Coast but your family is in the West.' I can't help listening because the officer's voice was loud enough to be heard in the waiting room. At the end of the lady's interview I was almost sure that she'd be denied. She wasn't, to her relief, and mine too. So when he started asking me questions, I tried to be calm but still a little nervous and sometimes wasn't careful with my words. For example, I said 'I COULDN'T get a dependent visa (in Malaysia) last year because....', instead of DIDN'T. But I corrected myself after. Minus passing points, I thought. Another is when he asked me what we'll be doing there, I replied, 'After my husband WORKED in their US branch, we will go on a holiday trip.' Although he will actually work there, it's not the correct term since his real employer is his company here in Malaysia. So again I stand corrected and said, 'After he ANALYZED THE SYSTEM...' Hell, these consuls are just freakingly allergic to some words. It's like once they hear these words, dingdong! they'll be thinking you're planning to immigrate to their dear country. Well, I can't blame them. To quote the officer, 'Every Filipino has at least one relative in the US.' He told me that when I denied about having relatives in the US. After that question, I felt my chances of going to Universal Studios fading. Finally he asked the make-or-break question: 'How could you assure me that you'll come back? I knew this was coming and so I confidently answered, 'My husband and I are already well settled here in Malaysia.' But he wasn't totally convinced and continued, 'Your husband is settled, but you're not.' My passport and (un)employment status back up his claim but still I was a little taken aback at his reaction and so I responded, 'I can't imagine myself living alone in a foreign country and everyday, all I'd do is bust my ass just to live comfortably.' Well that's dream line, so I told him rather, 'I got no one there to live with, so there's no reason for me to stay.' He made a few more questions and finally asked if I want to pick up my passport or have it delivered. Two days later, I went back to the embassy and to my amazement, it was a 10-year multiple entry visa! I really wasn't expecting to get that, a one-year tourist visa would be fine, really. I don't know if I got a great deal of convincing points in that make-or-break question, or it's just much easier to get a US visa here in Malaysia, or US is really giving 10-year visas nowadays. Or, as I would like to think, I was just lucky.


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    • HubChief profile image

      hubchief - pen name 3 years ago from United States

      great experience share. write about your trip

    • profile image

      IP Shergil 5 years ago

      Hi Everyone ,i have appered for interivew in May 12 for tourist visa at Delhi US embassy .VO asked few question like purpose of visit ,travel history ,job related ,no of years with present company etc and returned my and my wife's passport and asked us to report at counter no 30 and that indian lady handed over a pink letter with cross line by mentioning case no and asked us to check the status online ,when i asked her about visa she said no your visa is not approved as of now and we need 3-4 weeks time for additional processing and take decision accordingly but she has kept our passports with her .we were very disaapointed as we saw other persons getting visa and vo were telling them that they will get their passport in 2-3 workig days .We go for international holidays every year and we have already visited so many country including australia ,canada,NZ,UK,Europe but problem is my us tourist visa had got rejected 8 years ago from delhi embassy ,i had applied for busniess visa at that time ,DO anyone has similar exp .do they issue visa when they have kept our passports ,i check the status everyday but its showing under processing .

    • profile image

      veera 7 years ago

      Hi madhu,

      may iknow what documents u have submitted.

    • profile image

      madhu22 7 years ago


      i had my visa on aug 6th 2010 at 10.30am

      i have 221(g)

      can u plz tell me in how many days can i expect visa

    • profile image

      shien 7 years ago

      how long is the process of interview?include get the number and interview???

    • profile image

      Murthaza 7 years ago

      Really good one enjoyed reading it, hope you had a fun trip

    • profile image

      Dave 7 years ago

      Congrats to you and hope you had a wonderful time visiting there...i thought that i was the only one that felt nervous. Well, i'm planning to get myself applied for the tourist visa and hopefully i can get through it. This is my first time as well and might get butterflies inside my tummy. LOL. anway, thanks for sharing your experience...i think i gained some inner-confidence to overcome it.

    • Jerilee Wei profile image

      Jerilee Wei 8 years ago from United States

      That was an interesting insight into what goes on behind the closed doors. My daughter-in-law (Chinese) has been repeatedly denied even a tourist visa, despite being married for six years to my son and them having a child. Her interview went along the lines of: If you don't speak English well, how do you communicate with your husband? Her answer: He speaks fluent Cantonese and some Mandarin (true). The interviewer: I don't believe you. Where does your husband work. She hesitated trying to decide if they wanted an address and not sure of what answer to give because he works in several locations. She finally said, I'm not sure of the address. He stamped her passport - Denied entry. We're outraged and the embassy in Hong Kong, won't talk to my son or allow him to be there during the interview. Meanwhile, his elderly and invalid grandmother longs to meet his wife and child before she dies. Most likely she won't. Good hub.

    • chillingbreeze profile image

      chillingbreeze 8 years ago from India

      Good experience! That is what I really want to know that how people are facing interviews for applying US Visa, since US Visa is the most difficult to get among other countries. This article is really informative for who are applying for Visa.

    • spryte profile image

      spryte 9 years ago from Arizona, USA

      I hope your visit to the United States is a wonderful one and that you make use of that multiple visit visa to come back as many times as you can. :)