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Mysteryshopping link

Updated on December 31, 2008

A Mystery Shopping Gift

Hi Everybody

Hopefully you have read my hub "How to find Product Demonstration Jobs"? If so, then here is a gift to you. It is one of the many Mystery Shopping Companies that I will include on my list. It is free to sign up with this company. They also have a very easy to use web page. Most of the mystery shopping jobs on this site are "Food Shops" and the pay is average. Usually around $7-$10 per shop, plus you are reimbursed the price of food.

The secret to making money with this company.

Map out your approved jobs on a map. Do as many as is allowed in one area in one day.

You could very easily earn up to $50 for a couple hours of work.

Sign up, check them out, it's FREE to look! It's FREE to work!!

Then let me know what you think.

On My List I have information available on my profile page I will include many more websites that are free to sign up with. Remember, these are sites that I have personally worked for and gotten paid from. They are the real deal.

Good luck...have fun...mystery shopping is a blast. You get to pretend to be someone else. Some sites have scenarios they give you to play out. Ever wanted to try's your chance.

The bonuses are great. YOU GET TO KEEP WHAT YOU BUY!! That's right, when you buy something from a mystery shop, you get to keep it and the mystery shopping company pays you back the money you have spent for the item. Plus...a wage for doing the job. YOU CAN'T LOSE!

Take it from a very experienced shopper...


So sign up today, and go to my profile request my list of other mystery shopping companies, along with product demonstration and merchandising.

Any questions or concerns...just ask.

Happy New Year to us All


For referrals contact us directly. All info and applications are free. On-Line Application: Information Packet On Line: Information Packet via Questions: We sincerely appreciate all your Shopper referrals.


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      julie 8 years ago

      hello .. i am looking into this and would love to see your lists!

      my email is