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Myvu solo Personal Video Viewer for the iPod

Updated on July 10, 2007

There is an inherent problem with watching movies or other video formats off your iPod or other Portable Media Player. If you really think about it, you are watching a film meant for big screen on something that is less than one percent its original intended size. Do you really want to see the Death Star from Star Wars as big and foreboding, or something the size of a dime? If I am watch television, I want something that will at least come close to the experience of watching it at home.

Fortunately, there are several personal media viewers on the market, and one of the lightest and smallest is the myvu. The myvu is designed for the iPod, and you can play your video or movie files and like you were viewing a large TV screen from six feet away. That may not be as good as a movie theater, but you will have to admit it is better than the in-flight movie.

In addition to this great viewing experience, you have the ability to see above, below, and through the viewer, so you have situational awareness. That way, your experience with your video is not only completely portable, but it does not completely block your vision. Of course, you may want that, because I know that I want my personal media viewer to totally immerse me with visual entertainment. However, I want to make certain that I am aware of what is around me and, if necessary, be interrupted when something important occurs.

The myvu made for iPod edition comes with:

  • A lightweight viewer

  • Noise-reducing earphones

  • A pendant control with playing functions like play, pause, fast-forward, reverse, and volume. You can also adjust for image contrast and brightness on the picture.

  • Battery pack that fits snugly around the 30G, 60G, and 80G iPods that provides up to eight hours of viewing time or twenty hours of audio time.

  • AC cord and Car Adapter

  • A travel case for on-the-go action.

The myvu is available at the Apple online store. You can buy it for $299.95 USD, but myvu just announced that their myvu solo edition is about $199.95 USD. The myvu solo is available at approximately 190 ZoomSystems stores located in airports. If you are not familiar with ZoomSystems, they are completely robotic stores that use touchscreen interface, credit or debit payments, and robot arm to give you exactly what you want. The myvu solo is also available at Macy’s department stores nationwide.

This new edition of the myvu solo allows you to charge the myvu from your iPod. This power pack is an 8-hour lithium ion battery can also be charged via USB.

If you are one of those who enjoys on-the-go TV or Movie watching like the shows available at iTunes, you definitely don’t want to pass this up!


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    • profile image

      kumar 9 years ago

      here is my email id

    • profile image

      kumar 9 years ago

      hi this kumar from pa, i brought this myvu pmv two weeks before. but its not working my 80 gb ipod. when i connect my ipod its play only audio the vedio screen is showing only white screen, i try much more time. but its not working.can u help me. how can i connect my ipod to myvu pmv?