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Natural remedies for a stressful life

Updated on September 17, 2008

In our modern world stress is becoming more and more common. Stress from home, work or just the world in general. Many people rely on perscription drugs or alcohol to ease the stress, but what people are actually doing can be causing more stress on your brain and body which in turn make you even more stressed out. The foods we eat can pay a huge roll in how our bodies receive information and some foods can hurt or help to you to deal with those stressfull situations. Here are some foods that may help...

Ginseng -the tincture helps restore nervous system after a prolonged illness or injury.

Siberian ginseng- reduces effects of stress, increases stamina and concentration.

Chamommile- drunk in tea has a calming effect

Lemon Balm-tea or infusion reduces tension and relieves aches & pains.

Catnip-use as a tea to relax and sooth nerves

Eating right and exersing will also help reduce stress. Find an activity that will allow you to let some of that stress out, for example when I'm completely stressed out i love to take a few swings at a punching bag, it's great exercise and releses my built up stress.

Here are some more helpful remedies.

Some of these preparations used for specific emotional difficulties which may be related to high stress work include: the Flower Remedy Aspen, derived from the flower of the Aspen tree, used for anxiety and apprehension; while preparations of flowers from the Willow tree are used for the resentment arising out of feeling unappreciated, or the perception that one has been treated unfairly; Holly, for jealousy; Larch, for lack of self-confidence, perceiving ones own response capability as inadequate; Mustard, for deep gloom and depression; Pine, for the guilt arising from feeling one has not done as good a job as they could have; Beech, for the emotional isolation arising from hypercritical and judgmental attitudes; Elm, for those temporarily overwhelmed and burdened by current responsibilities; and preparations of flowers from the White Chestnut, tree for persistent unwanted thoughts which interfer with ones ability to focus on the job at hand.


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    • raguett profile image

      raguett 10 years ago

      Hey joe thanks for the comment...your hub is great I ill recommend it too my freinds and fans.


    • starrwriter profile image

      starrwriter 10 years ago from Cottage Grove, Wisconsin

      Great Hub, Raguett. I am especially curious about the catnip tea. Very interesting and i know the felines love it. If you haven't already, check out my Hub "Taking Time Out From You Day-To-Day." It has some relaxing advice that might interest you and your readers. Thanks for the Hub.