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New Year, New World View

Updated on January 12, 2009

MultiMedia.....explore every angle

One must step back from the picture to truly see it!

We have been blessed to enjoy our expat experience in New Zealand. Being out of the USA has broadened our visibility and thus our global outlook.

Mainstream global news from all viewpoints are aired here in a non-judgmental format...the it IS, without opinions or emotional sensationalism. This allows one to form an informed opinion of what IS. There IS so much more to consider and know other than what is aired in the USA.

For those of you who take for gospel only what you see on CNN or FOX or local networks...I encourage you to open up your mind and look outside of this censored and technically manipulated media box . Results are truly amazing, not always pleasant, but much more holistic.... Do not choose to just follow like innocent sheep----maybe to the slaughter.

Where we sleep at night or call home can change but regardless, we are all global citizens first and foremost continually. Best to strive to "View" the total picture for the opportunity to act accordingly.

Look in Every Direction
Look in Every Direction


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