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New Green Website Launched Earth Day, 2007

Updated on May 7, 2007

The Earth- Earth Day Helps Promote Conservation

Hearst Corporation Launches Eco-Friendly Website

A new green website was launched on Earth Day, April 22, 2007. Hearst Magazines has announced its new website,, will be aimed at environmentally-conscious consumers. The website will feature green consumer information and how-tos about organic foods, environmentally-friendly products and lifestyles, ways to save energy, and more green ideas.

The website was developed by executive Deborah Jones Barrow. Barrow has held executive positions at many magazines and websites. She started her career at House Beautiful. She is also interested in saving the environment. She serves on the Board of Trustees of the Hudson River Heritage and Friends of Clermont environmental and historical preservation groups.

The beta version will be launched April 22. Some of the website features will include news around the world related to the environment, ecotips, organic recipes, how to live a sustainable lifestyle, how to buy locally, and lots of other environmentally friendly information.

A special section will be called "Weird Weather Watch". Weird Weather Watch will feature user-contributed photos that support the theory of a global climate change.

The Daily Green will rely heavily on users to supply meaningful content. Along with the weather photo blog, The Daily Green will invite users to submit recipes as well as other tips. Special contributors and leaders from the environmentally-friendly community will have blogs and other featured content. The Daily Green will also have a presence on MySpace and Facebook.

The site is expected to be live and in full use by the fall. Hearst Magazines is starting to focus heavily on websites that tie in to their traditional magazines. The Daily Green will be featured each month in House Beautiful magazine.

Hearst Magazines is one of the largest publishers of monthly magazines in the world. The publishing giant reaches more adults than any other monthly magazine publisher. By June 2007, Hearst Magazines Digital Media will have developed websites for twelve Hearst magazines. The company is also launching web only sites such as and

Hearst Corporation, the parent company of Hearst Magazines, has always been interested in promoting environmental issues. The company completed the Hearst Tower, which was the first LEED certified building in New York. The honor is given by Global Green USA. The company has partnered to helped preserve 82,000 acres in California. The company plants trees aiding the National Arbor Day Foundation and New York Restoration Project.


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