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Nokia N Series Sale at Dynamism Website

Updated on April 19, 2007

Nokia has just released three new phones in its N-series that are getting quite a bit of attention in the mobile phone industry. You can get good deals at on the Nokia N95, the N75, and N76.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with, it is a ten-year old company that is a dedicated online reseller of cell phones, UMPCs (Ultra-Mobile Personal Computers) and other mobile electric devices. They often have hard-to-find mobile goods, and guarantee them with premium customer service, including a lifetime of toll-free tech support as well as a free Rescue Service Warranty.

The first of Nokia's hip new phones is the N95, whose multi-functional capability has created quite a stir. The N95 is a phone, still/video camera, video/MP3 player, and GPS receiver all at once. As you slide the screen up, you have an ideal keyboard set up for texting and calling. When the screen is slid down, you can use the media player buttons to play FM radio, MP3 music, or video. You can even listen without headphones via the built-in speakers, and add the 2GB microSD card for more songs. To this writing, the Nokia N95 can be found on for $749.00 USD.

The second new phone from Nokia is the N76, a fantastic flip-phone with a 2.4 inch interior display. Unlike most clamshell designs, that require you to open the phone to access the features like camera and music ability, the N76 can operate closed with its outer OLED display. It looks like it was designed to compete with the infamous Motorola RAZR with its Portable Media Player (PMP) ability. You can store up to 26MB worth of music/video files, with the option of a 2 GB microSD card. The Nokia N76 is available in both black and red for about $499 USD at

The N75 is a popular one for AT&T wireless customers, and uses the Symbian S60 3rd edition, which is one of the best mobile web browsers on the market. It has a QVGA screen, Bluetooth A2DP for wireless stereo support, media player, FM radio, and 2 megapixel camera. The N75 is available at for $399 in Chocolate Black.

The N-series are all designed with the ability to plug in standard headphones to the device. You can also plug N-series phones directly into your PC via mini USB/USB cable for all sorts of options such as music and photo transfers.

These phones are hot, and they will be undoubtedly be bought up in a hurry. Check out the deals at now for more information and purchasing options.


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      shiva 10 years ago

      i want nokia gege and one nokia 6600