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Not-so-rehab - PR rejuvenation for Hollywood's bigots

Updated on May 9, 2007

No matter how crazy...

We love Mel...
We love Mel...

This guy, not so much...

Did they really say that? *uck yes they did. (WARNING: This article may be unsuitable for minors, or for people allergic to tiny little stars.)

Sometimes you should just keep your *ucking mouth shut. That's what I have to say in preface to this shocking compilation of Hollywood's most recent and most shocking verbal faux pas. In spite of the title of this piece, there is no coming back for most of these people, except maybe Mel, because it's Mel Gibson, Mel Gibson people!

Without further ado boys and girls, let's learn our lesson for today.

TODAYS LESSON: Things you really shouldn't say:

"F*****g Jews... The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world." - Mel Gibson's drunken rampage after being caught driving under the influence.

Oh Mel, what has become of you? It would appear that Mel Gibson has gone off the rails a bit lately, he even caught flak from the Mayan community after Apocalypto, because apparently Mayans weren't actually into human sacrifice after all. Oops, minor historical detail mishap there, nothing to get too worried about, it's a movie after all. Notice how I am not commenting on the Jew comment, not even with the infinite length bargepole of the Internet.

"I'm not your little *aggot like T.R." - Isiah Washington

Isiah really got his ass whipped for this one. He even went to rehab for it after T.R Knight went on the Ellen show and revealed that he had heard Isiah calling him that mean name. Poor little guy, he has such a puppy dog face too, how could you be mean to him? I'm not sure if the rehab worked, or what the rehab would have involved exactly, except maybe a good slapping whilst someone yelled 'What were you thinking!' That would probably have helped a great deal.

“Take him away, he's a *igger”

“*igger, *igger, *igger, we would have hung your ass in the good old days” - Michael Richards, AKA Kramer

Well Michael Richards will never work again, except perhaps in underground redneck bars or at ceremonies where the attendees have to use a lot of bleach to get the soot out of their whites if you know what I mean.

Okay, we can all stop tiptoeing now. We've made it out of the minefield intact. Just make sure to furrow your brow and waggle your finger in censure at the screen so that nobody thinks you secretly agree with any of them, okay?


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