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Nyko Products for the PS3

Updated on April 23, 2008

I have recently written some articles on Nyko products for the Wii, but I have been recently been getting into the Sony Playstation 3. I quickly discovered some great Nyko products for the PS3.

Charge Base 2

One of the things that is tough to deal with when it comes to playing the Playstation 3 is the constant need to charge the controllers. Fortunately, the Charge Base 2 has been built for this.

All you need to do is plug in the tiny dongles into the controllers themselves. Then set the controllers with the USB Charge Adaptors into the cradle, back up, on the rack. Plug the Charge Base 2 directly into the wall, and it will charge up both SIXAXIS and DualShock 3 controllers. There are two indicator lights that will shine when you have a complete charge, with a flashing green for when it is almost completely charged.

Charging doesn’t get any simpler than this, and you should be able to get the Charge Base 2 at the Nyko website for about $29.99.

Zero PS3

The Playstation 3 controllers are already wireless, but the Zero PS3 has something that the regular ones do not. It is the first controller to feature LED back-lit action buttons, hybrid metal-resin design, as well as heat dissipating aluminum panels.

This is a wireless controller built with an ergonomic design. Not only does it have full tilt capability, but vibration, something the earlier PS3 models did not have at all. There is a rechargeable battery that is good enough for 25 hours of gameplay, but the Zero PS3 can be charged with USB port of through a AA battery pack.

By the way, this might be a good time to say that the USB Charge Adapters do not fit well in the Zero PS3. It is a shame Nyko does not make their products compatible with each other.

All a user needs to do is plug it into plug in the wireless dongle into the PS3 and it will sync up is seconds. You can get the Zero PS3 Controller in Black or Silver for a price of about $59.99.

Blu Wave Remote

Of course, one of the great uses of the PS3 is to watch Blu-ray movies. Since it just won the format war, you might as well use it.

All the user needs to do is insert the infrared key, and you will soon have the power to control Blu-Ray films, DVDs, and CDs. You can rest reassured that you will have full control of fast forwarding, rewinding, skipping scenes, pause and play.

The Blu Wave Remote works from 25 feet away, and it is powered by 2 AA batteries. You can get it at the Nyko Website for just $19.99.


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