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Nyko Products for the Wii, Part II

Updated on January 25, 2008

In Part I of this article, I mentioned the great Nyko products for the Nintendo Wii that I encountered at CES 2008. Here are some more of those:

Wireless Sensor Bar

One of the things that can make the Wii a little annoying is the sensor bar. The wire to it is very thin, and could easily break. Or maybe not, it’s not like I’ve tried. Still, you have to plug it into the Wii, and that pesky wire gets involved. Considering how thin the wire is, it tends to get tangled with other wires quite easily.

Don’t we live in an era where we can be free of wires? Fortunately, this Wireless Sensor Bar is up to date, and acts as an infrared field emitter for 25 feet away. It requires no software or hardware, and it includes 4 AA batteries as a power source.

The Wireless Sensor Bar is available on the Nyko site for about $19.99.

Classic Controller Grip

Since the Nintento Wii is reverse-compatible with old GameCube games, many of the GameCube cannot be played with the Wiimote and Nunchuk.

You can play the classic games with the Classic Controller Grip, which plugs right into the back of the Wiimote, and can still be used to navigate through the menu. Now all the old games can be played in the old glory and completely wireless.

The Classic Controller Grip is available for about $14.99.

Wireless Nunchuck

As much as I enjoy playing games with the Wiimote and Nunchuk, there are times that I wish the wire in between was removed. After all, we live in the wireless age, for crying out loud!

Fortunately, the Wireless Nunchuk is made for me and anyone else that hates the tangling cord between the Nunchuk and the Wiimote. All you need to do is plug the adapter into the Wiimote and you can have wireless Nunchuk action!

The downside is you will need to power up the Nunchuk with 3 AAA batteries. I’m not certain how much power the Nunchuk, but it depends on how much you game. This product is not available yet, but it will be.

Front Man

As you may or may not know, Guitar Hero and its newest sequel Guitar Hero III have completely swept the nation. The controller, or “axe”, is most unusual and a requirement to play the game.

Nyko has introduced the Front Man, a completely wireless controller for the Guitar Hero III. It connects to the Wii controller, and has a bi-directional strum bar as well as an accurate and responsive whammy bar.

Like the Wireless Nunchuk, the Front Man is not available now, and so I don’t have a price.


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