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Nyko Cord-Free Nunchuck

Updated on March 25, 2008

I believe that I have covered Nyko products for the Wii before, and I had a brief blurb about the Wireless Nunchuck. I actually had a chance to try out the Cord-Free Nunchuck, (this is not the same as the Wireless Nunchuck, or Kama) first hand, and it certainly changes one’s game.

The Cord-Free Nunchuck comes out of the box ready to use. All a user has to do is plug the dongle end into the Wiimote, and it is activated right away, with a consistent blue blinking blue light to show that it is working.

Then your ordinary Nunchuck remote mounts into the other portion. As for the wire, it must be plugged in to the apparatus, but there is a section there which conveniently wraps up the wire so it is out of place. You will have to install 2 AA batteries, but there are two included with the Cord-Free Nunchuck package. Too bad this isn’t rechargeable, like the Wiimote recharger from Nyko.

Once I had this set up, I was ready to go. The problem was that I could get it to work at first. The game that I was playing kept saying: “Please plug in the Nunchuck”. If there is one thing that I cannot stand, it is when a machine is telling me to do something that I know I have already done.

Then I realized something. You have to turn the Cordfree Nunchuck on. This may sound like something really obvious, but I didn’t see that power switch. In fact, the instructions last step is to turn the power on, but I thought it meant the power switch on the Wiimote.

Now my wife can play one of her favorite games, Dancing with the Stars. This game uses the motion control aspects of both the Wiimote and Nunchuck, and the player must move each of these at the right time and direction. There are certain moves of this game which require the user move their hands together, to do dance moves like the Loco Motion, the Twists, and Maracas (spinning hands together). Before I received the Wireless Nunchuck, there were times when I was doing these moves and would say: “Man, I wish I had a Wireless Nunchuck”.

Well, it is nice to know that dreams can come true, and now we can Dance with the Stars wirelessly without getting tangled up. It also comes in handy for playing other games.

My only question on this is why doesn’t the Nyko Cord-free Nunchuck have a Wii strap? You would think that someone from the safety committee would be totally on this, but alas, there is nothing. Then again, I have to admit I never liked the strap anyway, but I just don’t like the idea of hurling a remote toward the TV screen. However, I guess you can wrap a little of the Nunchuck wire around your wrist if you really want to be safe.


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