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Updated on April 4, 2008

LIES and liars have lived amongst us since creation. This vice and its perpetrators have always been chased and checked in vain. Their lures keep gaining our societies.

A lie can best be described as the crude opposite of truth. But the institutionalised refinements that lies have undergone since Stone Age, have given them the edge on truths. Lies are becoming so relevant, so common, so tolerable, and so inevitable in our day to day dealings.

Seemingly, we all tell lies or have told lies. From commoners to dignitaries, this instrument is being used or attempted; for different reasons. Politicians lie to claim and clench power; parents lie to save their faces before kids; kids lie to avoid being whacked; lovers lie to each other to protect a cherished liaison or to abort a souring one.

Yet, everybody abhors to be told lies. What we give we hate to be given - a clear indication that lie is a bad thing. The lack of qualms about lying has turned the act into a natural foible, whereas it is a canker in our societies, and a kamikaze to us.

As much as lies help us to dodge, hide and leap; they also lead to immeasurable calamities. Lies have ruined nations' economies; lies have provoked bloody wars; lies have broken harmonious marriages; lies have even dispersed church congregations. Lie is a force, an obsession, a spirit and even a breath.

Since we all hate to be told lies, we ought not to tell also, and our societies shouldn't be in need of lies. But how can we eradicate this flu - from our souls and our societies?

Here are nine sage strategies that could help:

1) Be an upright citizen: Most liars do because they are wary of revealing their real ways of life. But if you are upright, you wouldn't be tempted to be in need of lies.

2) Don't be desperate: Contrary to a misconception, desperation is not equal to ambition. Ambition uses hope and faith with due respect for sane values, whereas desperation cares less. If you are desperate you wouldn't be able to frown at lie when it smiles at you for a free service.

3) Avoid garrulity: As the book of Proverbs puts it <Too many words can't be without lies>. Don't be very talkative, if you must be a truthful person. Guide your flow of words and filter irrelevant and baseless facts.

4) Never strive to please people with words: If you have a habit of sharing captivating stories with the motive of exhibiting your eloquence, you will have many listeners certainly, but you might be forced to invent stories and events to maintain your cherished status.

5) Avoid exaggeration: Exaggeration opens doors for mendacity .Exaggeration dilutes precision and causes you to slip out of the original lane of your report, into flab and falsehood.

6) Stand the consequences of saying the truth: People tell lies because they fear the consequences of telling the truth. A truth-teller is one who is mindless of the aftermaths of truth declaration. Like said earlier, be an upright citizen. And if you are really, your words would be as transparent as your lifestyle. You wouldn't have any cause to cover or colour your deeds. If it is good, it will be easily and proudly said without fear.

7) Know that truth is decency: Supposedly, we all strive to be decent citizens through one act or the other. But true decency is just a merit. It is dependent on the relationship between our words and actions. If there is lack of consistency and corroboration across our words to our actions, we become dubious. We loose trust and respect. If you love decency, love saying the truth and you will be recognised by it.

8) Guilty conscience and Peace of mind: Both states of mind are products of lies and truths. However enormous be the gains obtained by lies, the mind is naturally locked in guilt. Although saying the truth might bring punishment or meagre results, the mind goes home with its peace in toto.

9) Resolve to accept whatever God offers: Irrespective of our differing religious dispositions, we all somehow believe in, or perceive the powers of divinity. When you do your best and leave the rest, you are opting out of the lane of "by-any-means-necessary". This lane leads to incalculable endings. In your pursuits, say the truth always and accept the results no matter how insignificant they may seem - you will be in agreement with your God.

There is need for a change. Adults should repent, children should be educated, and the society should be overhauled. The element of truth can bring about this change. A flood of truth can erode the solid foundations that lies have erected in our societies.


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    • marisuewrites profile image

      marisuewrites 9 years ago from USA

      I believe in truth. Now, if I'm being truthful, I'd have to say I also see value in the polite little white lies. If I'm lookin' like the devil, feelin' a bit blue, tell me something sweet that you may not fully believe, to cheer me up. These are social - alities that keep us going. I guess technically they're lies. I can normally handle the truth and in a crisis, I definitely need to know what's real. My husband, the cop...always told me when he was going out on a dangerous case...we promised from the beginning to be truthful about the big and painful. I want to worry about real things, not the imaginary.

      However, on a lighter note...I want to hear soft little sweet lies about &quot;Hey, you're lookin' like you've lost weight,&quot; &quot;I like you're hair,&quot; &quot;Your eyes arent THAT swollen;&quot; --- but I get the gist of what your message in this HUB is....

      Children and adults often speak from their point of view and perception is hard to verbalize and clearly explain, so not everything they missspeak about is a lie...

      Children and most adults most of the time will tell the truth when they feel they are safe and secure and it will be received without threat or injury to themselves...

      It's hard for a child or adult to tell the truth to someone screaming in their face...or looking as tho' they are about to do so...

      I will tell the truth most of the time; but I cannot tell a lie and say that I always tell the truth; I can say that I strive to do so with full honesty, however, most of the lies I have told were on purpose so maybe that is not true either.

      I will lie to save the feelings of someone I love unless it is about something very serious and then I will break it to them gently. I thank the Doctor who told me my son had a chance to live when he had - thru the influence of a bad friend - drank a full bottle of vodka in less than an hour and thank GOD I checked on him....later the Dr. said he had lied because he truly didn't think he had a chance to live....but God wasn't through with him yet and he is well....and wiser -- most of the time, unless he's lying to me ( ok that part is a joke....but you never know)

      I trust those I love not to lie to me but sometimes they have...we are human and then, when that happens we have an opportunity to forgive and they to learn..

      Truth could be overrated in some moments...but always the underlying river of power.... Lies are often harmful...but understood in the ocean of life. sooo having said that I will leave this to the thought of others because as much as I value truth, we all live with the pain of it. Marisue