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Organizing Home Sweet Home

Updated on December 5, 2008

The home is a place where the family gathers together to relax and enjoy themselves. Everyday the family members do different things in different areas areas of the house, when this happens most of the time they leave clutter to slowly pile up all over. A messy home gives us a headache and becomes annoying. It discourages the family to stay , relax and enjoy.

Don't get overwhelmed by the clutter and disorganization around your home! Find time to start picking up the mess by following these simple steps:

1. Usually the clothes lying everywhere are the most annoying sight. Hang the ones which can still be used like coats, hats and jackets. The dirty ones to the the laundry room out they go.

2. The shoes are left lying around too. We usually find them around the family room or living room when the family starts to sit and kick them off their feet. Now it's time to put them on the shoe rack or the closet. And out of sight they go.

3. Papers are just as much annoying too. Everyday we receive junk mails. Not only that, kids just love to express their creativity with it. They draw, color and cut then leave this paper trash lying around. File them up in the recycle bin and make it a habit to do it everyday. Don't wait for these papers to pile up like like you are constructing buildings within your house.

4. Kids love to play with their toys. It's a part of their nature. They play around the house no matter what time of day it is. But when they leave the toys all over the place it's another story that adds up to the clutter. When toys are scattered everywhere it is just a disaster. Have your kids help you pick up the toys. Encourage them to put their toys in a container like a box or a laundry basket where they can easily return the toys back when they are done playing and be able to get it when they want to play with it again.

5. As everything starts to clear up by this time you are ready to dust up, wipe tables and the windows too. Sweep/mop the floor then vacuum it. Now you a have good looking house.

6. Make it a habit to throw your thrash to the trash bin everyday. The garbage bin inside the house is the source of all unhealthy diseases. The lesser it is in sight the cleaner and fresher the house will be.

Now your home sweet home is well organized.Reward yourself with an excellent flavored coffee or anything to make you happy for what you have done.  It's not just for your family, you can even invite some special friends too!

Some Tips in Organizing

Every single thing at home is supposed to have a place of its own. The books are homed in the bookshelf. Canned goods in the cupboard and shoes in the shoesboxes inside the closet. They said if a person doesn't have a home he is homeless and if your things don't have a home it is also considered homeless. Someone or something homeless most of the time gets lost.

It is important to designate a home for everything you have. Everything taken should be returned when done being used. When done using with you something you have taken from its home it is important that you will be able to put it back where it was homed so that when you need it you will find it right away. Don't wait for things to pile up.

Learn how to label. An easy way to label shoe boxes and tubs is using masking tape and a sharpie. Write a short description of what's inside. This would save you the hassle of opening and closing those boxes and tubs.

Chaos and clutter is a perfect partner in crime. Quality over quantity is important should be taken into consideration at home. Limit the number of decorations and furnitures for the house. The fewer the better and the neater your house will be.

It would be easy to find everything when you need it when the house is neat and organized. Get everything done when it's due don't wait for tomorrow.



Family Room Model
Family Room Model
Fireplace in the family room
Fireplace in the family room
Staying warm and cozy in the entertainment room
Staying warm and cozy in the entertainment room
Living Room
Living Room
Entertainment Center
Entertainment Center


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    • hibiscus_mel profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Marlton, New Jersey

      Thank you Xyza Mae for such a nice comment.;-)

    • profile image

      xyza mae 

      9 years ago

      you've been working your ass lday and here you go home to a messy better stay at my work palce,,heheh this is such A NICE ARTICLE for mothers or wives who would want to sort of reward their hubby from a very tiring work,,it would be so so nice to come home to a very well arrange, nicely organized home...,, :)

    • hibiscus_mel profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Marlton, New Jersey

      Thanks Elizabeth.;-)

    • Elizabeth31 profile image


      9 years ago

      Great article. I love the photos. That pantry is a dream.

    • kopitozie profile image


      9 years ago

      realy home sweet home cute


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