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Orlando Florida Vacation Homes Tips and Tricks

Updated on February 23, 2008

Vacation Home Community Pool

Windsor Palms Community Pool
Windsor Palms Community Pool

Top 5 Must Have Features in a Vacation Home

Whether it is a condo, townhome or home if you are thinking of buying a vacation home in Orlando Florida and intend to use it as a rental income producing property too here are the top 5 things you must include on your check list.

  1. Location close to theme parks preferrably not more than 3-5 miles away
  2. 4 plus bedrooms families like to travel together and need space
  3. Community Amenities and Nearby Amenities like golf courses
  4. Home Amenities ie big screen tv,, dvd, play stations,game room and be sure to offer internet connections
  5. Pool AND Spa

After a long day in the parks so people don't want to have drive an hour after leaving to get home.

So many families travel together that owning a vacation home becomes more economical than cramming into a small hotel room. Be sure you have enough bedrooms and a sleeper sofa in the lounge.

Does the community offer the resort features a top hotel would also have? Fabulous nearby restaurants, onsite shop and playgrounds. These details make a difference.

You want your home to have things so many others may not a big screen tv, luxurious furnshings, extra baby crib, and game boys.

Now why do I stress pool and spa. Well an interesting story here. One of our past customers owns a home with pool and spa. A family called and asked if he could find another home nearby so their extended family could come too. The peak season already booked and the only ones left that hadn't rented for a peak season were ones without spas. People will pay that bit more for the extra luxury.

So you may think it is not important but when it comes to bookings those that have them rent better than those that don't.

Luxury at the clubhouse of our vacation home
Luxury at the clubhouse of our vacation home

5 More Secrets to Know if want to own an Orlando Vacation Home

It is important to consider also that you must have

  1. A trustworthy property manager Ask around and get references.
  2. Is there a south facing pool
  3. Best to buy one with tile versus carpet in the main living areas
  4. Buy Furnished
  5. Check Home Owners Fees remember they will be an additional monthly cost. Average costs are from 250 -450 in Orlando.

Ok so let's go over whay this all means. A trustworthy Property Manager is a must. Your agent or other owners will give you the scoup here but if you are living 1000 miles away it is comforting to know you have someone close by you can trust.

South facing pools is a help if you are going to rent to people from overseas. These guests want to come home from visiting the parks and sit in the sun by the pool. If the home is South or West facing pool this is considered a bonus by many Europeans.

Tile versus carpet is obvious the wear and tear is so much better with tile. Once hundreds of feet have come in from the pool and tracked on carpet you can imagine the wear and tear. Then there is the spill issue easier to clean with tile. Finally put a mat inside the patio door just in case you forget to buy slip resistant tile and even if you do this is also important.

If you buy furnished you'll save if not just go to a place like Rooms to Go and even Walmart has inexpensive funishings.right down to knives and forks. On this topic be sure to have some plastic dishes for outside use by the pool.

Homeowners fees are touchy some communities will warrant the higher fees because they offer full time gate guards, community pools, tennis, basketball, BBQ areas, sand volleyball, children's theatre, small shop, fitness center and game rooms at the clubhouse.

Game Rooms are a Plus

Windsor Palms Game Room next to theatre and fitness room
Windsor Palms Game Room next to theatre and fitness room

Marketing Your Vacation Home in Orlando Florida

This is easy in some respects since Orlando Florida is the vacation capital of the world. So why people come here is obvious. Then there is our Florida sunshine and options to visit either coast in a short hour drive.

What can you do to make your home stand out from the 1000's of others?

  • Showcase the amenties with loads of great pictures
  • Offer a free pass to one of the parks for a visit of 2 weeks or referral for future booking
  • Advertise easy check in, guest basket upon arrival or one day paid car rental
  • Showcase what you have available for children (perhaps a decorated Disney room)
  • $100 off repeat visitors stay

How to pack for your Orlando Florida Vacation

Visit Florida and Get Your Summer Golf Card

Get Ready to Visit your Florida Vacation Home with these Travel Books


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    • profile image

      Teri Isner 7 years ago

      Thank you come visit us soon

    • MisCook profile image

      MisCook 7 years ago

      Orlando is a great place and I must say that the post you have is very helpful to real estate buyers.

    • MisCook profile image

      MisCook 7 years ago

      Orlando is a great place and I must say that the post you have is very helpful to real estate buyers.