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Oscar Speech

Updated on March 5, 2008

About the Oscar Speech

The Oscar is THE coveted award in Hollywood. If you have an Oscar in your hand, you write your own ticket. When actors and actresses win at the Oscars, sometimes their true personality comes shining through.

Watch these actors and actresses give their Oscar speech. Who do you think has the most obnoxious Oscar speech? Funniest Oscar speech? Most touching Oscar speech?

Michael Moore Oscar Speech

About Michael Moore's Oscar Speech

Can we agree that Michael Moore's Oscar speech when he won Bowling for Columbine was the most obnoxious Oscar speech ever? I think the guy has talent and his documentaries are interesting. But there is a place for everything. Using your time during the Academy Awards to get on a soapbox is not the place.

Melissa Etheridge Oscar Speech

Barbara Stanwyck Honorary Oscar Speech

About Barbara Stanwyck

Barbara Stanwyck's most memorable role was as the mother in the popular western television show called "The Big Valley" in the 1960s. Stanwyck also played in the television show "The Colbys" during the 80s. Despite this, Barbara Stanwyck had a long and prosperous movie career. Many are unaware of Barbara's movie credits. She was very talented and appeared in several different types of films. Barbara was nominated for 4 Oscars.

Halle Berry Oscar Speech

Cuba Gooding Jr. Oscar Speech

Cuba Gooding, Jr. Oscar Speech

Another favorite Oscar speech for me is by Cuba Gooding, Jr. How can you not love this man? I already was charmed by Cuba, but after this Oscar speech he will always hold a special place in my heart.

Hattie McDaniel Oscar Speech

About Hattie McDaniel

Hattie McDaniel was the first black actress to win an Oscar. She won her Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in her role as Mammy in Gone With the Wind in 1939. Hattie was also the first black woman to sing on the radio in the United States. Hattie has two stars on the Walk of Fame and had a postage stamp issued in her honor.

Gerda Weissmann Klein Oscar Speech

Russell Crowe Oscar Speech

Sidney Poitier Honorary Oscar Speech

Jack Palance Oscar Speech

The Famous Jack Palance Oscar Speech

The Jack Palance Oscar speech has become one of the most famous moments in the history of the Oscars. It is definitely one of my favorite Oscar speeches. Palance won his Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in City Slickers. I'm not giving it away if you haven't seen it, but you've got to watch the Oscar speech and performance by Jack Palance. It's hard to believe that he has died. He seemed invincible. Rest in peace, Jack.

Oscar Speech Comments

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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      From the 1960 to 1961, the mr Howard Hughes’s son, under name Ludovicci Hughes, he won five 5, Oscars from the academy, from his own creativity in the cartoon movies, from the Disney production.

    • profile image

      Ron Evans/Baltimore 

      8 years ago

      I enjoyed the Hattie McDanial Oscar acceptance speech. Simple and sweet.


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