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Our Dogs and Pets - The 10 Most Common Household Items That Often Need to Be Surgically Removed

Updated on November 5, 2008

Our dogs are curious and can easily get into these common household items

Our Dogs: 10 Most Common Household Items That Often Need to Be Surgically Removed

We Love Our Dogs - But These Are Common Household Items Frequently Swallowed

We love our dogs, but just like our children they can get into things they should not and. . . heaven forbid. . .they can chew and swallow these items.
Socks are the most common item that needs to be removed surgically from the gastrointestinal tract.
Here are some other items to be aware are commonly swallowed and require surgery to remove.  Be aware of these common household items that often are lying carelessly around most homes.
Here is a list of the Top 10 Most Common Household Items Requiring Surgical Removal:
1. Socks
2. Underwear
3. Panty hose
4. Rocks
5. Balls
6. Chew toys
7. Corn cobs
8. Bones
9. Hair ties and ribbons
10. Sticks
Once we know how often surgery is required should these items be swallowed-we, as dog owners, can be more vigilant.  Our dogs are our kids. . .and just like our kids we need to take precautions.
This data was compiled by Veterinary Pet Insurance of Brea, California.
Debbie Holte is a frequent contributor of articles on our dog's health and happiness for whose company's mission is to improve the quality of life for our beloved animals.


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